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Project Scheduling

10 Best Blogs Every Project Scheduler Should Follow

Project scheduling takes a very important role in project management.

This part of the process of managing a project happens during the second phase of planning of the project.

When managing a big or small project, in the stage of planning, every project scheduler should follow a specific and detailed schedule in order to meet the estimated budget and targeted deadlines, as well as to ease the determination of all critical activities and the performance across multiple projects.

The project scheduler has the key role in the stage of defining and planning the project. In other words, the project scheduler has to bring significant skills and expertise in managing a project.

So how one project scheduler can broaden its horizon and learn more about the way of successfully performing the part of project scheduling?

Sharing knowledge and exchanging experience and good practices between experts and newbies in the area of project management is crucial for the improvement of one’s performance at work.

We put together a list of seven blogs that provide a large array of articles with informative and technical information specifically on project scheduling that could help every project scheduler, whether expert or newbie, to learn more in order to improve himself and his work.

1. The Project Management Hut

Project Management Hut is a shelter for all project managers and schedulers out there. This blog offers a wide specter of articles of an educational character written on a variety of different topics related to project management.

One of the covered categories is project scheduling, which covers the following sub-categories: normal and crash costs, project plan refinement, resource-constrained projects, and resource-leveling.

Working as a project scheduler it is important to follow these types of topics so that you always be on the leading edge of the aspect of project management.

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2. PM Tips

The first on our list is PM Tips – an informative blog with handy tips and tricks for developing better strategies, practices, and solutions that every project scheduler could implement in his work.

Specifically, in the section for project scheduling, you will stumble upon a wide range of practical how-to and x-reasons-why articles written as real guides that span a vast variety of topics that could ease the management of every project.

Aside from these informative articles, PM tips offer numerous comprehensive articles written by professional project schedulers and managers. These experts share their experience and discuss all the details of project scheduling that could come in handy in every phase of the management of a project.

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3. Tutomaash

Founded by Nikhil Raaj, Tutomaash is a teaching platform where professional teachers hold courses related to core engineering and project management software.

Tutomaash delivers high-quality content and comprehensive courses that serve as a guide for everyone involved in project management.

The topics covered on this blog are detailed and accurate so they help in enhancing the skills set of experts and newbies in the area.

The courses consist of didactic slideshows with precise instructions and guidance explaining features of different software like Oracle Primavera, Microsoft Project, Autocad, Staad Pro, and Sap MM.

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4. Do Duy Khuong Blog

Do Duy Khuong is a project planner, construction claims consultant, and delay analyst who enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills about scheduling and project planning in general.

The Do Duy Khuong blog publishes informative and technical articles written on topics that revolve around all integral parts of project management. Do Duy Khuong is a true guru of project management who without reservation contributes his expert advice.

On this blog, one can come across informative articles that offer answers to many questions and issues that project schedulers and managers encounter while working in Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project software.

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5. Plan Academy

If you are an expert who wants to explore more or a beginner who needs to learn from scratch, then Plan Academy’s Blog is tailored for you.

This blog is authored by pros with many years of experience in the sector of project management who believe that sharing and exchanging information, skills, and expertise is power.

The Plan Academy Blog provides anything from articles and written tutorials to live training webinars and video courses with constructive content from which anyone involved in project management could benefit.

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6. Planning Engineer

A team of professional planning engineers offers a solution for overcoming every difficulty related to the planning of construction projects. The space where these solutions are provided is called Planning Engineer.

It is an informational blog that features numerous articles for project managers, schedulers, and planners to read. These simple and practical articles focused on project management topics contain detailed information that helps project schedulers and managers to enhance their management, planning, and scheduling competencies.

Additionally, this blog provides basic and advanced online courses for project planning that many individuals and organizations will find incredibly useful.

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7. Project Management

Project Management is a real treasury of valuable material for project management from which you could benefit a lot. On this blog, you can find answers to all your questions regarding the management of a small, big, short, long, simple, or complex project.

The answers you will find could vary in form, i.e. you could come across informative content structured as an article, deliverable, presentation, or tutorial. In the area dedicated to project scheduling, as a project scheduler you can discover and learn more about how to successfully create and manage a schedule, but in addition, you can help others out by sharing your knowledge and experience in the field.

Furthermore, you can follow many influencers from the world of project management, and learn the basics of becoming an influencer yourself. On the Project Management blog, you can also follow the calendar of major events related to project management happening in the world.

This way you will be one step closer to all the experts and influencers in the sector of project management and will have the chance to connect with them in person.

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8. Project Manager

Project Manager is a blog that is considered the best source of tips and advice for project management. It covers the many aspects of managing a project including project scheduling. In fact, on this blog, all project schedulers can dive into the category of scheduling where they can find useful articles on project scheduling.

The covered topics in this category can help you improve your work when it comes to project scheduling, which is a very important aspect of project management. The articles written by project managers who are experts in the field of project management could be your guide through the process of creation and implementation of a comprehensive schedule for your project.

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Other than these eight blogs, we also propose two additional blogs that captured our attention with the useful content they share.

These informative blogs are managed by authors who are willing to share their knowledge and experience by writing informative articles or practical tutorials and presentations about project management.

9. Bright Hub PM

Bright Hub PM is a blog that covers the topic of project management and all its indispensable phases, more specifically project scheduling, that help to deliver a project successfully and on time.

On this blog, you can find informative in-depth and how-to articles, educational tutorials, and expert reviews for different project management software.

Under project scheduling, there are articles with practical tips and tricks that can help you develop better scheduling strategies and techniques in order to facilitate the management of your project.

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10. Easy in theory, difficult in practice

Last, but not least is the blog Easy in theory, difficult in practice, owned and managed by Kiron Bondale, a project management trainer, trusted advisor, and speaker.

Being an expert in project management, Kiron Bondale shares his broad knowledge about the process of managing a project. As a project management trainer and advisor, Kiron understands the goals and frustrations of all project managers and schedulers and shares his experience and points of view in order to help all those in need.

The blog covers many subjects, such as agile methodology, facilitating organization change, project planning, and scheduling, etc. You can search through Kiron’s blog to discover more about the practices of project scheduling.

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What do you think?

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading these ten blogs as they offer value and quality information for project schedulers. Do you have any favorite blogs? Don’t forget to share with us.