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Better View of Project Expenses and Activity Relationships with the New Version 7.3

Once again it is a great pleasure to introduce another new version of ScheduleReaderTM.

The new version 7.3 brings four new major things: two new features dedicated to improving the view of Project Expenses, a new Tab to better view Activity Relationships and new functionality to remember/save the imported Baselines.

Let us take a closer look at what’s new in the latest ScheduleReaderTM version 7.3:

Project Expenses View – See the Global Resources Independent Costs

Project Expenses view

Version 7.3 comes with a new Project Expenses view that allows users to view the total costs assigned to the project activities, including the expenses, that do not depend on the assigned resources but can play a significant role in defining the project’s budget.

Expenses Tab – View the Expenses Details


Besides the Project Expenses view, a new tab has been implemented in the Bottom View that allows users to view the details for the project expenses. This will give users an overview of the detailed costs for a specific activity as well as its complexity.

Relationships Tab – View the Relationships Details

This specially created tab will allow ScheduleReader users to be able to view the details of the relationships and see how a specific activity is connected with the rest of the project plan and the impact that may cause its delay.

Remember Imported Baselines – Save the Assigned Baselines

New functionality for saving the imported baseline projects has been added to version 7.3, which will simplify the process of importing and working with baselines and will save the time that is spent on these repetitive processes.

To sum up all the benefits, with the new ScheduleReaderTM version 7.3 you can:

  1. View all costs assigned to the project plan using the Project Expenses view.
  2. Analyze the expenses assigned to specific activity through the Expenses tab.
  3. View the immediate predecessors and successors to one activity using the Relationship tab.
  4. Improved UX with baseline functionality by saving the imported baselines to the project plan.

About ScheduleReaderTM

ScheduleReaderTM offers a more sophisticated way to communicate project information with project stakeholders, as opposed to sharing project data in a static PDF file format.

The application features powerful viewing, filtering, and reporting functionality that allows the user to dynamically view and interact with project data from XER, XML, and XLS files exported from the Oracle® Primavera® P6® software.

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