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Published on Monday, June 11, 2018

Enhance Your Decision-making Process With PrimaveraReader PRO

Enhance Your Decision-making Process With PrimaveraReader PRO

Join us for our upcoming free webinar/ workshop!

See what’s new in the latest PrimaveraReader version 5.0 and learn how the new PrimaveraReader PRO can save you time and allow you to accomplish more when working on different projects in Primavera P6.

Equipped with the new Reports and Dashboards feature, PrimaveraReader PRO allows users to quickly create reports, customize them, assess schedule quality and view important project metrics and KPIs.


  1. Introducing the new PrimaveraReader 5.0 and PrimaveraReader PRO 
  2. Generating graphical reports, customization and sharing reports with project stakeholders 
  3. Assessing Primavera P6 schedule quality using the DCMA 14 framework dashboard 
  4. Q&A 
Duration: 30 minutes.

Webinar recording available below:  

Webinar Recording: Enhance your decision-making process with PrimaveraReader PRO

A recording of the live webinar covering the new features of PrimaveraReader 5.0 and the Reports and Dashboards features of the new PRO version.