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How ScheduleReader™ Delivers ROI

When working on a project plan created with Oracle® Primavera P6®, numerous companies and corporations tend to share project information in .pdf format.

Using .pdf reader or viewer is a risky way of managing a project, which can cause the project to fail. It can complicate the performance of all project participants and consequently prevent the progress or accomplishment of the project.

ScheduleReader™ is the proposed solution. It is the software solution for the continuous problem of managing a project with a .pdf reader and/or viewer. 

ScheduleReader™ is a cost-effective .xer viewer for project schedules created with Oracle® Primavera P6®. The software allows Project Managers, Team Leads and Team Members to get dynamic overview of the project with personalized views and custom filtering, navigate through predecessor and successor activities, work with custom layouts, compare baselines from several project schedule versions, give feedback for progress updates on different activities and assignments, and report project’s status and updates.

The amount of savings due to working with ScheduleReader™ in a team consisting of two Project Managers and twenty Team Members is presented in the table and on the chart below.

Graph about the ROI of ScheduleCleaner

Summary of KPIs 

As a cost-effective .xer viewer, ScheduleReader™ is beneficial for the company, project participants, and the project itself for many reasons. It brings numerous benefits for the project and the company regarding various aspects.

Here are the main key performance indicators for the company and the project:


  • Ensures faster business transactions
  • Allows unlimited access to all important information
  • Guarantees reduction of mistakes, and miscommunication
  • Increases employees’ productivity
  • Stimulates knowledge sharing
  • Improves the corporate standards
  • Creates better working environment


  • Facilitates collaboration between teams
  • Enables efficient internal communication
  • Ensures better budget management
  • Improves the process of monitoring and controlling
  • Optimizes decision making
  • Enhances client satisfaction
  • Accurate updates with no manual workload

Designed as a .xer viewer, ScheduleReader™ redefines the process of constantly sharing project plans in .pdf format.

Most importantly, ScheduleReader™ does not require any additional training or integration thus being an ideal solution for an onsite and offshore project.

If you want to see numbers and statistical data how ScheduleReader™ improve project efficiency, and drives ROI, download the Business Case.

ScheduleReader Business Case

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