OMV Case Study

LoName:  Jack Franklin

Job Title:  SR Planning Consultant

Company:  Self Employed – Main contract OMV

Industry:  Oil & Gas

The problem – What was the main reason to choose ScheduleReader?​

The reason I’m choosing ScheduleReader is to easily and quickly review the integrity of the schedule when time constraints or other priorities do not allow for a detailed review.

The solution - How did ScheduleReader help you?

With one button I can review the DCMA 14 point assessment which tells me if it is worthwhile reviewing a schedule in further detail or not. DCMA 14 Schedule Assessment in ScheduleReader PRO is presented as a one-page dashboard.

The outcome - What did you improve (results)?

Time savings, quicker turnover of schedule feedback and I do not have to waste time reviewing a schedule that is not ready.

Comments/Improvement suggestions:

Print function for the schedule reader DCMA 14 point page is slightly blurry when exported to PDF. Would also be good to show different graphics for this.