Ovivo Case Study

Name: Lisa Matthews

Job Title: Project Manager

Company: Ovivo Limited

Industry: Design/Manufacturing/Construction

The problem – What was the main reason to choose ScheduleReader?

To review the Programme to track Contractual milestones, planned completion milestones and contingency regularly. Also to try and identify where issues lie within the Programme when changes are made although this is not easy to see in the schedule reader.

Describe how the need for project schedule reader emerged or what the initial reason for implementing ScheduleReader was?

This was driven by reviewing the Programme updates to ensure they were correct and quickly seeing milestone changes.

The solution - How did ScheduleReader help you?

The Product has met my expectations. I regularly use Trace logic. Although the Programme we use is 1000 of lines and it is not always the quickest to minimum the work breakdown structures.

What were the main benefits of using ScheduleReader and what was reached by the usage of it?

I use the reader on a daily basis. I found the training recently held beneficial to understand how to utilize the filters available.

Comments/Improvement suggestions:

Using the filter on resource removes the other fields data which is required which makes the filters not deemed beneficial although from the demo they looked really good.