Case Study

Name: Bill Prokopowich

Title: President

Company: PCPM Construction Management

Industry: Construction

The problem - What was the main reason to choose PrimaveraReader?

Schedule analysis is a critical part of our company’s portfolio. We review over a dozen projects monthly ranging in size from $8M to over $200M for the cost of construction. They complexity of the projects for the most part are new build hospitals, and some are renovations with a new addition. Time is a very important factor for the clients to know when they will be able to move into the new facility. And the transition from old to new take months of planning. We needed a program that was user friendly for our staff and quick to get the answers.

The solution - How did PrimaveraReader help you?

As mentioned above, we needed a program that was quick, not cumbersome and easy to use. PimaveraReader is a very useful tool but somewhat cost prohibitive, and very large. We needed a program that we could take to the jobsite and review and update the status and have the result by the time we return to office for a meeting with stakeholders that’s where PrimaveraReader out performs all competitors.

The outcome - What did you improve (results)?

The schedules from PrimaveraReader were simple to view for the stakeholders, as often we had to put it on an overhead projector for all to see and we could move about in the program quickly and this showed them where the project was headed.

Comments/Improvement suggestions:

We are very pleased with the PrimaveraReader as it has added the flexibility for project reviews and with the new update in V4.02 this enables us to present the finding in a more detailed presentation.

General Case

Project Scheduler


using Oracle® Primavera P6

Spend time resource on:

  • Exporting plans in PDF
  • Adjusting views per team
  • Ineffective communication
Share the project schedule in 
PDF or XLS format. This file format contains limited 
data and no calendar details.

PM, TL, Members, Superintendents, Supercontractors

non Primavera P6 users

Users have limitations:

  • Can't organize their personal views
  • Can't filter and group relevant data
  • Can't compare baselines

Project Scheduler


using Oracle® Primavera P6

Spend time on:

  • Automate file sharing
  • use custom layouts
  • Quick progress updates

Project schedule is shared

 in .XER native format. This file format contains 

rich activity insights as in the 

original P6® schedule.

PM, TL, Members, Superintendents, Supercontractors

using PrimaveraReader

Users have advantages:

  • Intuitive and dynamic views
  • Quickly filter and group data
  • Compare project baselines
  • Propose progress updates