ScheduleReaderTM for Windows

  • Complete preview of project data from .xer and .xls files.
  • Import custom layouts and user defined filters.
  • Display WBS, EPS and OBS views.
  • Dedicated customer support.
ScheduleReader for Mac OS X

MS Project Viewer for Mac

More sophisticated and dynamic way for viewing schedule files.

ScheduleReader is a tool that dynamically presents project data from schedule files, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders.

  • Intuitive interface and easy to use.
  • Super-fast loading of large .XER files.
  • Visual project progress presentation.
  • Up to 4 baselines comparison.
  • Reports and Dashboards


  Features by Release
ScheduleReader™ 5.1
Timescale customization
Column customization
Progress Update: Add/Change Resources/Roles
Progress Update: Add lag to newly created activity
Support for Japanese and Italian language
ScheduleReader™ 5.0
Analyze resources and
roles units and costs
S-Curves - Graphical presentation of cumulative
costs and units.
Communicate different project information
to a variety of people with Graphical Reports
Create your personal view with Bar Customization.
Insert proposals for adding or
removing activities from project plan.
View the updates directly in Gantt Chart with
Gantt Chart preview.
ScheduleReader™ 4.3
Create Groups, Filters and Sort
by combining multiple fields
(e.g. WBS, Activity Codes, Primary Resource,
UDFs and all the other fields)
Update Physical % Complete,
Units % Complete; Duration % Complete;
Remaining Duration
Import Baselines from XML file
Select to display Code Values or Code Description
New filtering criteria using
Primary Resources, Activity Codes, WBS
ScheduleReader™ 4.2
Present Financial Periods
Multilanguage Support (German, Spanish, Russian,
Chinese – Simplified)
Support for Greek encoding
ScheduleReader™ 4.0
Open .xml file format exported from Primavera P6
User – Defined Groups
User – Defined Filters
Create Custom Layouts
ScheduleReader™ 3.7
Insert Header & Footer
Show/Hide Bars in Activity view
Customize bars shapes and labels
Update Remaining Duration field
ScheduleReader™ 3.6
Trace Logic view
Critical Path
Driving Activities
Bar Legend
ScheduleReader™ 3.5.1
Progress Update using .xlsx file format
ScheduleReader™ 3.5
Progress Update (activities and assignments)
“Total Float less than” filter
ScheduleReader™ 3.1
ScheduleReader™ 3.0
Baselines (compare several project file versions)
Language encoding
Option for Dates format
Collapse to WBS level
ScheduleReader™ 2.1
Resource Assignments
Import Custom Layouts in .plf format
ScheduleReader™ 2.0
Multi-language support on French
Hide/show Relationship lines in Gantt view
Navigate to predecessor or successor activity
ScheduleReader™ 1.1.0
Search in Active View
OBS View
Resource Shifts
ScheduleReader™ 1.0
Activity, WBS, Project and Resource views
Detail view for selected element
Calculations based on assigned calendar. View Calendar
Layouts to organize data
UDF’s User Defined Fields

System Requirements

Minimum required memory of 512MB RAM
(higher recommended), and minimum
of 80MB of available hard-disk space.
Intel® Pentium II® or Pentium grade processor,
Celeron Processor or Athlon Processor.

Current Version


Application Size

17.3 MB


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English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish,

Japanese, Italian

Available on 8 different languages

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