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Greater Support for Viewing Project Data with New Version

We are excited to announce the release of the new version update accompanied by several new improvements as a response to growing client feedback.

The latest ScheduleReader version 7.1 features a new “Lookahead – Current Date” filter and a “Week of Year” view upgrade to the Timescale.

Using “week” as a unit for describing an activity’s property is a widely used practice for managing projects in certain regions of the world such as Scandinavia.

With the version 7.1 update, ScheduleReaderTM will allow users with this preference to be able to view project data by week for the specified year by choosing the new “Week of Year” option from the Timescale settings.

In addition to the Timescale customization upgrade, a new default Lookahead – Current Date filter has been implemented in order to enable users with faster access to the needed information.

Lookahead filters help us remain consistent in reporting, monitoring and controlling our project. By using the new Lookahead – Current Date filter in combination with the other filters, we have the ability to highlight different activities that are scheduled in the defined period.

About ScheduleReaderTM

ScheduleReaderTM offers a more sophisticated way to communicate project information with project stakeholders, as opposed to sharing project data in a static PDF file format.

The application features powerful viewing, filtering and reporting functionality that allows the user to dynamically view and interact with project data from XER, XML and XLS files exported from the Oracle® Primavera® P6® software.

ScheduleReaderTM is available for download as 15 – day Free Trial version.