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How to create custom filter in ScheduleReaderTM?

In ScheduleReaderTM, you can create custom user-defined filters which can be saved and applied to any project for faster filtering. In order to d a custom filter, you need to take the following steps:

1. In the Activities ribbon tab, click on the Filter option.

2. In the Filters dialog box, click on the New button.

Custom Filter Dialog

3. A new Filter dialog opens, and add a name for the new filter e.g. (Activities with less than 50% Complete).

Fill in the necessary filter criteria fields:

  • Any of the following or All of the following;
  • Displaying all rows field– display the fields that will be filtered;
  • Parameters field – Displays the chosen parameter for each filter criteria. (e.g. Activity % Complete);
  • Is field – Contains the corresponding operator for a specific filter criteria;
  • Value/High Value fields – Presents the values for each filter criteria.

5. In order for the filter criteria to be saved, click OK.

6. To apply the filter, select the check-box in front of the user-defined filter and click OK.

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