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How to generate Constraint Types Report?

Usually, the constraints are divided into two groups: Hard and Soft constraints. The difference between these two groups is about respecting the relationship logic.

Hard constraints override the relationship logic that is inserted by the project scheduler and they will be not re-scheduled according to the logic that exists in the project plan.

The following constraints are considered Soft Constraints:

  • As Late As Possible
  • Start On
  • Start On or Before
  • Start On or After
  • Finish On
  • Finish On or Before
  • Finish On or After

While the Hard Constraints are identified as:

  • Mandatory Start
  • Mandatory Finish

The Constraint Metrics graphical report may give answers to the project managers as to why the project plan is scheduled as it is and why some activities do not respects the scheduling rules. The look of the Constraint Types report is presented in the image below.

To generate the predefined Activity Metrics Report for your project, select the Reports View, and choose Constraint Types Report from the DCMA 14 group of Reports.

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