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How to view WBS?

The WBS view breaks down the project in its major deliverables, i.e. major product or service components. The Work Breakdown Structure of the project helps you maintain a top-down overview of the main project deliverables. When you create your WBS first and then the activities that fall within the project deliverables, you can maintain a focus on the final product or service, which is the whole purpose of the project.

Use the WBS tab to view the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the currently open project.

The following functionalities are placed in WBS tab of the ribbon:

WBS Table

WBS data is given in multiple columns of the WBS table. To add or remove columns in the WBS table click on the WBS Table button. The Customize Columns dialog box will be opened.

From the Available columns select the desired ones and add them to the right by clicking on the arrow button. To apply the desired changes, simply close the window.

You can change the order of the columns in the WBS table by dragging and dropping a specific column header.

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