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Project Scheduling

How Can Project Schedulers Benefit from ScheduleReader?

The Problem:

Project Schedulers lose too much time on a daily basis, creating separate PDF documents for each project team that has no other way of receiving the project schedule information created with Oracle® Primavera P6.

The Solution:

With all project participants and teams using ScheduleReader, project schedulers won’t need to create separate PDF or XLS documents with project information for each team. They will be able to focus on their work in the P6 scheduling software and share project data with all stakeholders who can also use the reader to view the data as a .xer, .xml files, and even .xls file.

This essentially leads to:

    1. Efficient communication channel with no room for miss-communication, lack of information, and mistakes that can lead to project delays
    2. Valuable time savings by eliminating the need for creating multiple PDF copies of project schedule information, as sharing the schedule in XER format takes less time to create than a personalized PDF for different stakeholders
    3. A standardized and simple way of sharing and receiving activity updates from project stakeholders, field management, workers, and subcontractors/suppliers that need to be included in the original schedule (two-way communication enabled with the Progress Update feature in ScheduleReader).

ScheduleReader operates as a standalone software solution and does not integrate in any way with your existing P6 database. Project Schedulers can choose to use the reader to quickly open .xer and .xml files and look up certain project information without connecting to any database.

ScheduleReader will open any schedule in less than 3 seconds.

Modernizing schedulers workflow

The potential and use cases of ScheduleReader for project schedulers are many. The solution offers rich dynamic views, reporting capabilities, and features designed to improve the way information is absorbed by the end-users.

It is a great companion tool to use alongside your scheduling software, which essentially will allow you to quickly access, audit, and visualize analyze all types of schedule data.

Where will ScheduleReader fit in your organization?

You can Download Free Trial or Schedule a Free Live Demo so you can experience all the advanced features and learn the full range of benefits ScheduleReader can bring to you.