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XER Reader for Engineering and Construction Industry

Construction and Engineering

Large engineering and construction projects are extremely challenging. It is very difficult to predict every accident, supply chain delay or economic downturn that may affect a project. 

So, having a solution that enables you to look into projects details, providing visibility and transparency across all projects while working in a familiar Oracle Primavera P6 environment, can ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Oil & Gas

Geographic dispersion between project teams can make things difficult for project leads and project managers in the Oil and Gas industry. In order to succeed in this ever-growing competitive market, companies are expected to adapt quickly to changes and implement revolutionary methods of work. 

Using ScheduleReader™ will allow detailed control and monitoring of projects by all entities involved in the projects including team members, contractors, subcontractors or stockholders.

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ScheduleReader™ Reader for Oil and Gas Industry



ScheduleReader™ for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace and Defense

Having a project management solution to help you align your resources and improve PM practices in ever increasingly complex industries such as aerospace and defense is imperative to ensure your company's success. 

Guaranteeing maximum results from the limited resources at your disposal is becoming the industry standard. Implement ScheduleReader™ in your environment and make sure your strategy, implementation and business achievements are aligned.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Every industrial manufacturing project can be defined by its greatness: big clients, big costs, big products and big risks. 

With ScheduleReader™ consistent project overviews available to every member of your team, your whole team will be in sync and you will meet delivery commitments. 

Enhance your decision making and accountability by achieving visibility and transparency throughout your whole enterprise.

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Industrial Manufacturing Project Scheduling with ScheduleReader™



ScheduleReader™ for automotive project for success


Managing tens or even hundreds of individual projects, supply chain purchases and client desires can be very demanding. 

Shift to top gear productivity with the ScheduleReader™, deliver constant project overviews to all team members via their preferred communication method, optimize upward and downward channel communication and set your automotive project for success.

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Public Utilities

The utilities industry faces some unique challenges these days: from a highly unpredictable supply and demand to regulatory and environmental regulations. With ScheduleReader™ your team will get a clear and concise view of all your utilities projects, and will be able to follow all parts of the project cycle closely. With financial discipline playing a key role in managing public utilities projects, you can remain confident that your team has access to the required information so as to make informed decisions regarding finishing the project within budget.

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Public Utilities Project Scheduling


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