ScheduleReaderTM for Aerospace and Defense Companies

Having a project management solution to help you align your resources and improve PM practices in ever increasingly complex industries such as aerospace and defense is imperative to ensure your company’s success. Guaranteeing maximum results from the limited resources at your disposal is becoming the industry standard. Implement ScheduleReaderTM in your environment and make sure your strategy, implementation and business achievements are aligned.

The success of aerospace and defense companies depends mainly on being able to manage complex networks of interdependent programs, aiming to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Planning, scheduling and monitoring resources in compliance with mandated reporting requirements across the whole program network is crucial to the program’s success.

Gain greater program control and improved visibility into the programs progress

Coordinate a global value chain of diverse suppliers, providing identical schedule views.

Effectively capture project status throughout the team.

Involve disperse collaborative teams with tasks assigned only to them.

Mitigate project risk with customizable project overviews.

Provide identical overviews, which team members can customize.

Allow easy monitoring for program stakeholders.

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