Set Your Automotive Project For Success With ScheduleReaderTM

Managing tens or even hundreds of individual projects, supply chain purchases and client desires can be very demanding. Shift to top gear productivity with the ScheduleReader™, deliver constant project overviews to all team members via their preferred communication method, optimize upward and downward channel communication and set your automotive project for success!

With ScheduleReaderTM you can be assured that your project team, contractors and subcontractors will all get consistent project information delivered to them, and work together towards reaching deadlines when creating the next vehicle innovations of the future.


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​Consistent overview for your team throughout the whole project lifecycle

Enhance efficiency and decrease costsAchieve Operational Excellence: Enhance efficiency and decrease costs.
Speed up new product developmentSpeed up new product development and time-to-market.
Share vital project dataShare vital data across functional and geographic boundaries.
Optimize Long Development CyclesOptimize Long Development Cycles with a consistent project viewing solution.
Connect and monitor individual projects through the companyConnect and monitor individual projects throughout the company.
Be in total control of your projectBe in total control of your project at any stage of execution.

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