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Introducing New Improvements for More Efficient Work with ScheduleReader

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of ScheduleReader, the XER project plan viewer that allows schedulers, planners, managers, and the wider project team to dynamically view and analyze XER and XML schedule data.

ScheduleReader continues to improve the user’s experience in visualizing project data with the new features and improvements that are implemented in the new version 8.1:

  • Save printing settings
  • Show/hide Default Layouts
  • Change the splitter’s position
  • Coloring options for Activity and Resource Usage Profile views

Faster and more accurate printing of project plans

The new feature to set and save the printing options or settings will allow users to save the defined time periods, layout elements, and the scaling for every project plan they planned to print out in ScheduleReader. Once the print settings are saved, users can make multiple printouts of the project plans faster and save time.

Save print settings in ScheduleReader

More efficient Layouts management

Another improved functionality is the new ability to hide the default layouts available in the app, so you can freely work with your own set of layouts. This will allow you to temporarily remove the default layouts from the appropriate menus in all views, and allow you to better manage layouts and create a more efficient working environment.

Also, you can set and save the size of the Gantt chart or Activity table by changing the splitter’s position which will provide a better view of the project data.

New coloring options for Bars and S-curves in the Resource and Activity Usage Profile views

Furthermore, the coloring options for both Activity and Resource Usage Profile views will now give users the possibility to choose the colors of the bars and s-curves accordingly to the corporate standards. This will make the display of project data clearer and easier to understand and more practical to work with.

The new features and functionalities implemented in the latest version will improve our clients’ work with the application and allow them to be more efficient in their daily assignments.

As a result of the support and close collaboration with our partners and clients, we continue to improve ScheduleReader with each new version release. We are very flexible in implementing new features and upgrades that meet our client’s organizational requirements and would love to hear your needs.

To try the new features and improvements, download a 15-day FREE Trial of the latest ScheduleReader version 8.1 on the following link:

Download ScheduleReader