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Introducing ScheduleReader Version 9.2 With a New Concurrent Licensing Model

The new ScheduleReader version 9.2 is now available!

With the latest version release, ScheduleReader aims to improve the project team’s efficiency in reviewing existing XER and XML schedules created with Primavera P6, as well as provide a new floating licensing model for an efficient and flexible use of licenses.

The new features implemented in version 9.2 are:

  • A New Concurrent licensing model
  • Search in Auto-Filter
  • “WBS Category” field
  • Show Activity Codes as Overall list

New Concurrent licensing model

The new Concurrent licensing model will allow multiple users to use the application simultaneously, with an accurate usage tracking and creation of detailed reports provided.

Sharing the license introduces additional cost-savings for the company. This helps to optimize the number of licenses and archive optimal usage across the enterprise and different projects.

To learn more about the new ScheduleReader Concurrent licensing model, you can reach out to our team at: [email protected].

Search in Auto-Filter

The newly implemented Search in Auto-Filter will help users to quickly find the term they are looking for and additionally filter and organize the activities, assignments or projects by different parameters.

This convenient new feature will help project managers and other stakeholders to quickly find any information in the schedule, without requiring the help of the scheduler or a Primavera P6 license in their review.

New “WBS Category” field

A new WBS Category field has been implemented to help users organize activities and WBS, per this specific requirement.

Show Activity Codes as Overall list

With the new version 9.2, users will also be able to view the activity codes that are used in the project plan as a plain list.

Viewing the activity codes assigned to the project plan will help users to organize useful filtering and grouping of the project activities.

In addition to the activity codes, project and resource codes can also be displayed as a list.

About ScheduleReader

ScheduleReader is a standalone tool that provides the broader project team with an interactive view access to the project data in existing .xer and .xml schedules.

The product was originally designed to replace the flow of sharing project data as static PDF files, by allowing users to dynamically view all schedule details and navigate through the information in different ways without the need for a Primavera P6 license.

With its many filters, groups, sorts, and different features for data analysis and reporting, ScheduleReader can help the different members of the broader project team to quickly find and visually display any project information.

The product is suitable for all project-oriented organizations, from smaller to large-scale projects and portfolio-oriented enterprise corporations. Over the years, ScheduleReader has gained the trust of many companies, including some of the leading global enterprises.

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ScheduleReader is available for download in a free 15-day trial version. Pricing and additional information about the software are available on the official website.


ScheduleReaderTM is compatible with and can be used with Oracle® Primavera® P6®. It is an independently developed reader product by Synami® and it is not a product of Oracle®, nor is it endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with or by Oracle®. Oracle®, Primavera® and P6® are registered trademarks and brands of Oracle® Corporation and/or its affiliates.