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Introducing Progress Update with PrimaveraReader 3.5

Following the success of the previous product launches and the increase in customer demand, PrimaveraReader continues to deliver product releases with new features and improvements. The latest version of PrimaveraReader includes a Progress Update feature, which will provide team members with the ability to send activity and assignment progress feedback to their responsible superiors.

“Our clients and companies that are interested in deploying PrimaveraReader into their project managing environment, will be very pleased to find that now team members can easily provide feedback on the progress status of delivering the activities and assignments,” Ljubisha Mladenovski, Senior Product Analyst.

Progress Update

PrimaveraReader 3.5 contains options where users can insert proposals for updates in the Activity and Assignments views. When users enter the “Progress Update” mode, they can preview several new columns where they can update % Complete, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Activity Status, and Activity codes. The fields available for the update will depend upon the working habits and the existent workflows in the company, but usually, the Project Scheduler defines this.

The proposals for Progress Update are saved in .xls file format, which is then placed in a newly created folder, in the same location where the .xer schedule is. These .xls files can then be imported into the project’s reflection, merged, and have a detailed view for every changed parameter of each activity. The Project Scheduler can then decide whether to accept or reject the updates from the team members.

Additional features

In the latest release of the reader for .xer and .xls files, users can filter the tasks with the filter option “Total float less than”. In terms of improvements in the user experience, there are added options where the users can set the table row height and have a scrollable detail view.

PrimaveraReader is a reader for .xer schedules that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. Project-oriented companies are even more inclined to implement PrimaveraReader as a suitable solution for improving team collaboration and increasing productivity towards successfully following through with the project schedule. The old way of sharing the project schedule via .pdf files is long forgotten and PrimaveraReader takes action when the need to share the project schedule with team members becomes crucial.

Users can download a trial version of the software or schedule a live demo presentation at the following link.