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Open XER Files Without Primavera P6

ScheduleReader is stand-alone software to open and analyze XER files exported from Primavera P6.

XER is the native file format of Oracle Primavera P6, and the choice is limited when it comes to opening XER files apart from Primavera.

Easy-to-use ScheduleReader is an affordable XER, XML & XLS viewer solution that provides users with an interactive and dynamic view of the activity details with easy visualization in Gantt chart.

With the software, project participants like team members, contractors and subcontractors now have a good view of the project and its details even if they don’t have an Oracle Primavera P6 license. They enjoy total visibility into many aspects of the project and take advantage of powerfrul functions including:

  • WBS
  • Activities
  • Resource assignments
  • Roles
  • OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure)
  • Trace Logic
  • Progress Update

You can try ScheduleReader free for 15 days, and see if it suits your needs. Fill the form and you will receive the software .zip file on email. After installing, you’re ready to explore all functionalities and work with XER data files.

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Feature by Product Overview

ScheduleReader offers practical features that help Project Practitioners and Professionals in their everyday work. Take a look at the key applications and functionalities that make ScheduleReader, a must have tool for your everyday project activities.

Key Features ScheduleReaderTM Standard ScheduleReaderTM PRO
View Project Data
View Project Data
Activity Insights
Supported Views
Trace Logic
Track Project Progress
Schedule Reader Views
Resource Usage Profiles
Financial Periods
Assignments View
Schedule Reader Layouts
Progress Updates
Sharing Reports
Sharing Layouts
Create your Work Environment
ScheduleReader Views
Custom Layouts
Custom Filters / Groups
Custom Bars
Reports and Dashboards
Schedule Reader Views
Predefined Reports  
Custom Reports  

Explore Rich Features & Functionalities

Diverse features that will help you, and your team work better together, be more effective, and stay on the top of every project. Take a look at the major ScheduleReaderTM features.

Supported Views

In ScheduleReaderTM, project participants such as team leads, team members, contractors and subcontractors can have complete visibility on project progress by using the native views for:

  • Activities
  • Projects
  • WBS
  • Resource
  • Assignments
  • OBS
  • Roles
  • Details
Schedule Primavera P6 XER Reader Supported views
trace logic in Schedule Reader


Increase your productivity by organizing your work environment with our XER reder. Create custom layouts, filters, groups, and bars.

  • Custom Layouts
  • Custom Filters/Groups
  • Custom Bars

Collaboration and Project Update

The Progress Update feature allows team members propose Activity and Assignment status feedback.

  • Progress Update
  • Sharing Reports
  • Share Layouts
Progress Update with Schedule Reader
Generate graphical reports in ScheduleReader

Graphical Reports

Analyze project KPI's and improve communication with custom reports and dashboards.

  • Built-in Graphical Reports.
  • Custom Reports.
  • Print Reports.
  • Import/Export Custom Reports.

How can ScheduleReaderTM Help You?

Saves Time

Eliminate the need for creating multiple PDF copies of project schedule information, as .XER takes less time to create than a personalized PDF for different stakeholders.

Used by Different Roles

Preferred tool for project schedulers, planners, contractors, sub-contractors, and all project stakeholders that need to quickly access and view project schedule data without accessing and connecting to various databases.

Collaboration Enabled

Through the Progress Update Feature, you can effectively engage and communicate with all teams to propose and receive activity updates and deliver successful projects.

ScheduleReader for Windowns

For Windows

ScheduleReader is software that works in a Windows environment only.

ScheduleReader Standard and PRO

Standard & PRO Version

ScheduleReaderTM PRO is a more advanced version of ScheduleReaderTM Standard with added features for Graphical Reports generation and project KPIs analysis, intended for more advanced project professionals in the project team.

ScheduleReader ROI

ROI Guaranted

As a long term investment it brings a great ROI due to the fact that it modernizes your workflows while saving you up to more than 90% in costs as opposed to other alternative such as increasing the number of Oracle® Primavera® P6® licenses.

The language is not a barrier.

ScheduleReaderTM features 8 languages and supports encoding of project files in different languages

ScheduleReader on EnglishScheduleReader on French ScheduleReader on German ScheduleReader on Russian ScheduleReader on Chinese ScheduleReader on Spanish ScheduleReader on Japanese ScheduleReader on Italian

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See how the world’s best schedulers deliver astonishing results for their businesses with ScheduleReaderTM.

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