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Schedule Reader Download

Viewing XER & XML files from Primavera® P6®

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View Priamvera® P6® XER Schedules with ScheduleReaderTM

ScheduleReaderTM will help you and your team work better together, be more effective, and stay on the top of every project. 

Supported Views

With ScheduleReaderTM, project participants can have complete visibility on project progress by using the native views for:

  • Activities
  • Projects
  • Resource
  • Assignments
  • Roles
  • Linear Scheduling
  • Details
Schedule Primavera P6 XER Reader Supported views
trace logic in Schedule Reader


Increase your productivity by organizing your work environment with our XER viewer. Create custom layouts, filters, groups, and bars.

  • Custom Layouts
  • Custom Filters/Groups
  • Custom Bars

Collaboration and Project Update

The Progress Update feature allows team members propose Activity and Assignment status feedback.

  • Progress Update
  • Sharing Reports
  • Share Layouts
Progress Update with Schedule Reader
Generate graphical reports in ScheduleReader

Graphical Reports

Analyze project KPI's and improve communication with custom reports and dashboards.

  • Built-in Graphical Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Print Reports
  • Import/Export Options

Maximizes Productivity and Improve Project Communication

Without ScheduleReader

Project Scheduler

Using Oracle® Primavera P6

Spend time resource on:

  • - Exporting plans in PDF
  • - Adjusting views per team
  • - Ineffective communication

Share the project schedule
in PDF or XLS format.

This file format contains limited
data and no calendar details.

PM, Formen, Contractors

Non P6® users

Users have limitations:

  • - Can't organize their personal views
  • - Can't filter and group relevant data
  • - Can't compare baselines

With ScheduleReader

Project Scheduler

Using Oracle® Primavera P6

Spend time resource on:

  • - Automate file sharing
  • - Use custom layouts
  • - Quick progress updates

Project schedule is shared
in .XER native format.

This file format contains rich activity insights as in the original P6® schedule.

PM, Foreman, Contactors

Using ScheduleReader

Spend time resource on:

  • - Intuitive and dynamic views
  • - Quickly filter and group data
  • - Compare project baselines
  • - Propose progress updates

Enterprise Ready XER File Reader

Designed to replace the flow of sending project schedules in PDF and XLS to Project Managers, Team Leads and Stakeholders, the XER file reader offers a new and better way to view project plans.

With ScheduleReaderTM, project participants like project team members, stakeholders, contractors and subcontractors can now have a detailed view of the project and its activities even if they don’t have an Oracle® Primavera® P6® license.

They can enjoy complete insight into many aspects of the project including WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), activities, resource assignments, roles, OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure), and much more.

Bill Prokopowich construction Management Consultant

We review over a dozen projects monthly ranging in size from $8M to over $200M for the cost of construction. We needed a software that we could take to the jobsite and review and update the status and have the results by the time we return to the office for a meeting with stakeholders. That’s where ScheduleReaderTM out performs all competitors.


Bill Prokopowich Construction Project Management Consultant

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