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View Primavera® P6® Linear Projects through Time Location Charts in ScheduleReader

View XER, XML & XLS schedules created with a Location Based Scheduling Software such as Primavera® in the new Linear Scheduling View of ScheduleReader through Time location Charts!

ScheduleReader software for XER files

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Time-Location Charts / Time Distance Diagrams to View Primavera® Linear Construction Projects

Designed to replace the flow of communicating project information as PDF, this XER & XML file reader offers dynamic way to view project plans by providing project stakeholders with detailed insights of all project activities even if they don’t have an Oracle® Primavera® P6® license. 

With ScheduleReaderTM a user can quickly access to details from many aspects of the project including WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), Activities, Resource assignments, Roles, OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure) and more.

As new feature implemented in version 7.0, ScheduleReaderTM fully supports viewing of construction linear projects created using a location based scheduling method in Primavera® P6® through primavera distance time graphs, also referred to as time schedule charts, time distance diagrams or time location charts in a new Linear Scheduling View.

View Construction Linear Projects through Primavera Distance Time Graphs or Time-Location Charts

Get a complete overview of project created with the linear scheduling and location based scheduling method through time schedule charts.

time location chart

Time-Location Chart in ScheduleReader

Time-Location Chart to View XER, XML & XLS Files

The time-location chart is a special view commonly found in construction schedules in Civil Engineering and Power Engineering & Construction, specifically in linear projects scheduled and managed with the Oracle® Primavera® P6® or other linear planning or location based scheduling software in areas such as:

  • Traffic engineering
  • Highway engineering
  • Railway systems engineering
  • Tunnel Engineering
  • Power line construction

Due to their complexity and magnitude, these linear construction and linear infrastructure projects are commonly managed by the Primavera® linear scheduling software or other location based scheduling software.

Linear Scheduling and Time–distance Diagrams / Time Schedule Charts

A graphical scheduling method focusing on continuous resource utilization in repetitive activities. Commonly referred to as line of balance (LOB), repetitive scheduling method, location based scheduling, time space scheduling method, horizontal and vertical logic scheduling.

LSM is used mainly in the construction industry to schedule resources in repetitive activities commonly found in highway, pipeline, high-rise building and rail construction projects, also called repetitive or linear projects.

Time distance Diagrams / Time Schedule Charts

The time distance chart, or otherwise known as time distance diagram, time chainage, time schedule, distance time graph or construction time chart etc.., is a graphical representation of a time schedule for all types of longitudinal, linear projects.

Activities in time–distance diagrams are displayed both along a time and distance axis according to their relative position and as geometrical shapes showing the occupation of the work site over time such that conflicting access can be detected visually.

Time–distance chart / Distance-time graph associated with the linear scheduling method

Why Consider ScheduleReaderTM as Your Software for Viewing XER Schedules Created with Primavera® Software for Linear Construction Projects?

Saves Time

Eliminate the need to create multiple PDF copies for each project stakeholder. Communicating information through XER files when teams use ScheduleReader saves schedulers time.

Fast access to data with Time Schedule Chart or Time Distance Diagram

Fast Access to Data with Time Location Charts

Project schedulers, planners, contractors, sub-contractors, and all construction workers can quickly view project data from the construction schedule without connecting to any external databases.

Dynamic view of data with Time Schedule Chart or Time Distance Diagram

Interactive Overview of Project Data

Users can create personalized views with custom filters, groups, layouts and more, compare Baselines, create reports and enjoy the dynamic view through Gantt Charts, bars, time schedule charts and other diagrams.

ScheduleReader for Windowns

Efficient Project Communication 

Through the Progress Update Feature, a user can communicate with all teams to propose and receive activity updates from the field, keeping the construction schedule up to date at all times.

ScheduleReader Standard and PRO

Available in 2 Versions

ScheduleReaderTM PRO is a more advanced version of the Standard edition, with features for Graphical Reports generation and Linear Scheduling View to support stakeholders in viewing linear projects data with Time-Chainage charts or Time-Schedule Charts, without owning expensive location-based scheduling software.

ScheduleReader ROI

ROI Guaranted

As the perfect construction scheduling companion tool it will modernize workflow and lower costs, by eliminating the need to invest in linear software or increase your number of P6® licenses for staff that needs a view only access.

What Our Clients Say:

  • Michael Lepage testimonial about ScheduleReaderScheduleReaderTM is such a simple tool but effective tool, that I recommend it for all P6 users. The tool has saved us countless hours in our marking of assignments because it's so fast.

    Michael Lepage Plan Academy
  • Bill Prokopowich about ScheduleReader softwareHaving dozen of projects ranging from $8M to over $200M in cost, we needed a software that we could take to the jobsite, review, update the status, and have the results by the time we return to the office for a meeting with stakeholders. That’s where ScheduleReaderTM out performs all competitors.

    Bill Prokopowich Construction Project Management Consultant
  • User about ScheduleReader software for opening Primavera P6 XER FilesScheduleReader is very user-friendly. I recommend it if you need a project viewer that allows users to open and view project data exported from Oracle Primavera P6.

    User in Civil EngineeringG2 Crowd

Beyond Time-Location Charts! Explore the Other Features of ScheduleReaderTM

Modernize your project communication. Explore all of ScheduleReaderTM features and functionalities:

Supported Views

In ScheduleReaderTM, project participants such as managers, schedulers, team members, contractors and other stakeholders can have complete visibility on XER schedules and project progress by using the native views for:

  •  Activities
  •  WBS / OBS
  •  Resource
  •  Assignments
  •  Roles
  •  Details
Schedule Primavera P6 XER Reader Supported views
trace logic in Schedule Reader


You can increase your productivity by organizing your work environment with our XER reader for P6 schedules. Create custom layouts, filters, groups, and bars.

  •  Custom Layouts
  •  Custom Filters/Groups
  •  Custom Bars

Collaboration and Project Update

The Progress Update feature allows team members on the field to propose Activity and Assignment status feedback back to the Scheduler.

  •  Progress Update
  •  Sharing Reports
  •  Share Layouts
Progress Update with Schedule Reader
Generate graphical reports in ScheduleReader

Graphical Reports

Analyze project KPI's, schedule health and improve communication with project reports

  •  Template Reports - DCMA 14 and other
  •  Custom Reports.
  •  Print Reports & Import/Export Reports.

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See how the world’s best schedulers deliver astonishing results for their linear construction projects! Utilize the Time location or also called Time chainage charts/Time schedule charts available in the new Linear Scheduling View of ScheduleReaderTM.

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