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ScheduleReader: Meet our Partners

Meet our Partners and Product Resellers – proadvise

Synami’s reseller network spans the globe, playing a crucial role in promoting our products and highlighting their features and applications. Notably, ScheduleReader has experienced considerable growth in recent years, with its reseller network expanding rapidly. Through this series of articles, we aim to spotlight the resellers who have contributed to the growth of ScheduleReader. We collaborate closely with each of our partners on many different levels to deliver value to our customers and make our product more easily available in different regions across the globe.

In these series of articles, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the companies whose commitment has contributed to the growth of ScheduleReader, and who we are fortunate and proud to call our partners.

Meet our partner – proadvise GmbH

In this interview we are joined by Andreas Kories, Managing Director at proadvise GmbH, a renowned company with headquarters in Germany, that specializes in project management, scheduling, project control and risk management.

Andreas, can you introduce yourself and tells us more about your company?

Our journey as proadvise GmbH began in 2002 with the clear mission of offering our customers practical solutions for Project Management. Since then, as a certified Oracle partner and one of the leading providers of the Oracle product portfolio and other PM tools in the DACH region, we support our clients in all phases of their project lifecycle.

By focusing on innovative solutions, we concentrate on supporting our customers in Project Management, Scheduling, Project Controls and Resource and Risk Management, through support of day-to-day operations, new implementations and PM coaching and training. In over 22 years, we have developed into a strategic partner for well-known companies in e.g. the Industrial, Mobility, Energy, IT and Construction & Engineering Sectors. Our goal is to clearly focus on the needs of our clients. Together with them, we work out the challenges that companies face and aim to deliver effective and sustainable solutions.

In addition, with many years of experience in supporting servers, applications and databases, we develop our own software solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. For example, with our proimporter, we offer a software solution that helps our customers with the import of xer and mpp files from MS Project and Primavera P6 into Primavera P6. This ensures a smoothly integration of external Schedules into existing P6 databases. With our SaaS solution, we also supply a hosted system environment in which customers can securely and easily access their project management tools without any additional technical administration effort.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Analysis, recording requirements, and evaluation of PM Systems (Oracle® Primavera Cloud, Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM, ScheduleReader, and MS Project)
  • Supply and implementation of PM Tools e.g., Oracle® Primavera P6, MS Project, ScheduleReader
  • Introduction of a PMO
  • Project Management, Scheduling, Resource Management, and Risk Management
  • Specification and design of customized BI reports
  • Development of interfaces (e.g. Oracle® Primavera P6 – SAP)
  • Java development and implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • In-house software solution called proimporter for trouble-free import and exchange of projects in xer and mpp format
  • PM System Coaching, Consulting and Training

Partnering with us, companies can easily reach their goals and achieve remarkable results. Because customer happiness always comes first – it is the engine that drives us and constantly inspires us to break new ground and continuously improve our services.

What motivated your interest in becoming a reseller for ScheduleReader software?

Project Management has noticeably increased in complexity within the last couple of years, leading to huge project programs that need to be managed simultaneously. ScheduleReader is a great way for our customers to get an overview of the whole project program and how their subprojects fit into the big picture. The variety of configuration options provides a lot of flexibility in an easy-to-use system that resembles the familiar P6 user interface. As we have identified precisely this need among our customers, we have decided to include ScheduleReader in our product portfolio as a reseller in the DACH region.

How would you describe the key features and benefits of ScheduleReader software to potential clients?

What sets ScheduleReader apart for us is its great affordability. It gives you the freedom to share schedules with others and make them visible, even if you don’t have a P6 license. ScheduleReader offers far more functions than e.g. PDF files or Excel. The tool contains almost all the functionalities that you would expect from a view in P6. Using ScheduleReader also saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to hold time-consuming meetings with people who want to see the schedule in detail, and you don’t have to send out massive PDFs. All in all, this increases transparency in the project environment, which in turn results in more buy-in.

What sets ScheduleReader apart from other project management tools available in the market?

With the ScheduleReader, schedules of suppliers and subcontractors can be analyzed in more detail, also regarding the use of global P6 elements such as resources, UDFs, activity codes, etc. This simplifies imports or communication in general enormously in many areas

What are the key opportunities for clients when they start using ScheduleReader, and how do you support them in maximizing these opportunities?

What we have noticed is that customers often do not know what the individual links and values mean. They also often lack knowledge of how to work with filters and groupings and what they mean. To make it as easy as possible for our clients to get started with ScheduleReader, we introduce the tool and its options, explain the best way to use it and take them by the hand step by step. Thanks to the integrated function in ScheduleReader to upload existing P6 Layouts, users can easily adopt them and start their working journey right away. Once the interface and setup have been explained, the rest of the procedure is self-explaining and further handling becomes very easy for the user.

proadvise is an official product reseller of the ScheduleReader and the Synami software products in Germany and Austria.

ScheduleReaderTM is compatible with and can be used with Oracle® Primavera® P6®. It is an independently developed reader product by Synami® and it is not a product of Oracle®, nor is it endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with or by Oracle®. Oracle®, Primavera® and P6® are registered trademarks and brands of Oracle® Corporation and/or its affiliates.