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New Updates to the Assignment View in ScheduleReader Version 9.1

A laptop with a ScheduleReader screen, with captions "Introducing Version 9.1"

Following the ScheduleReader version release 9.0, which was focused on answering our clients’ needs in response to the recent changes and updates introduced in the recent Primavera P6 release, we are pleased to announce the release of the new ScheduleReader version 9.1.

ScheduleReader continues to introduce new features for improving project teams’ efficiency. The new version 9.1 is an extension of the previous release and focuses on improving the work in ScheduleReader with a strong emphasis on the Assignments view.

The new features implemented in version 9.1 are:

  • Role Codes;
  • Filter, Group & Sort in Assignment view by Role Codes;
  • Assignment Codes in Assignment Details View;
  • Project UDF, Resources UDF, and WBS UDF in Assignment view;
  • Project Codes in Assignments view.

Role Codes

In addition to the implementation of the new Assignment Codes to the Assignment view in the last ScheduleReader release, the new version 9.1 introduces a support for the new Role Codes as well.

Role Codes help you track, and more easily navigate and sort through the many different roles in the enterprise that are part of your projects.

The new Role Codes, as well as the new Assignment Codes contained within the schedule, can now be easily previewed in the Assignments view of ScheduleReader.

role codes

In ScheduleReader 9.1, you can additionally create various layouts with the existing Role Codes that will help you view and analyze different aspects of the project plan.

Filter, Group, & Sort according to Role Codes in the Assignments view

Another new feature implemented in the ScheduleReader version 9.1 is the filter, group, and sort options for Role Codes in the Assignments view.


This new feature will allow you to view, organize, and arrange assignments in the project plan by multiple Role Codes, as well as perform customized group and sort actions and further analyze the assignments.

Codes tab in the Assignments view

In the new version 9.1, a new tab has been implemented in ScheduleReader’s Details view, located in the Bottom view section of the Assignments view.

Users will now be able to view the new Assignments Codes assigned to the activities in a specially created tab that will provide them with an overview of the additional input that is specifically tailored to the project plan.

Project Codes in the Assignments view

The newly implemented support for viewing Project Codes in the Assignments view will allow you to manage the project’s layout in a way that works for you best and organize the assignments by different resource codes, specific to your organization.

Project UDF, Resources UDF, and WBS UDF in Assignment view

As part of the new support for Project Codes in the Assignments view, In ScheduleReader 9.1 you will be able to manage the project’s layout using the Project UDF, Resources UDF, and WBS UDF Codes contained within your XER or XML schedule.

About ScheduleReader

ScheduleReader helps companies replace the flow of sharing project schedule data in PDF file format with their broader project teams.

Instead, it offers an alternative option that features a dynamic view of the project information contained within the project schedules by visualizing the data from existing project plans in the native XER and XML formats.

ScheduleReader is a simple-to-use tool that allows all parties involved in the project to be able to fully utilize and take advantage of the schedule data.

The product is suitable for all project-oriented organizations, from smaller projects to large-scale project and portfolio-oriented enterprise corporations. ScheduleReader has gained the trust of many companies, including some of the leading global enterprises.

featured client

The team at ScheduleReader remains flexible and open to implementing new features and upgrades that meet the client’s organizational requirements.

By listening to the feedback from the market, our clients, and partners we are able to introduce new updates and improvements to the product that bring value to project teams and organizations.

For further details, all interested parties can schedule a free demo session with our account representatives, or download a free 15-day trial directly from the official product website.

Additional pricing information are available on the ScheduleReader website.

ScheduleReader is also available for purchase via any of the companies from our growing global Partner and Reseller network.


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