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Primaned Procon Podcast EP16 – The Project Schedule and Project Controls

Why viewing a schedule makes the schedule better

Our partner and official product reseller from the Netherlands, Primaned is hosting the Procon project controls podcast, whose mission is to build and serve a community of professionals and be recognized as the show that is ‘Leading the Project Controls Conversation’.

In episode 16, Paul Vogels, the Managing Director of Primaned and host of the Procon podcast is joined by Bojan Tasevski the Managing Director from Synami, where they discuss about projects, technology and future trends in project controls and project management.

Listen to the interview to learn more about the story behind ScheduleReader, its origins and how innovative software products such as schedule readers and viewers help companies improve project communication and better control projects executions.

Listen to the Interview

About the PROCON Podcast

The Procon podcast organized by Primaned aims to be THE’ reliable source of information around Project Controls that people can trust.

The Primaned team believes that Project Controls is a profession, and not just something you do as part of project management. Therefore they are committed to developing this idea through their podcast where they share information, case studies, and discuss on many topics with expert guests from the industries.

With people, processes and tools at the heart of Project Controls, the Procon podcast aims to lead the conversation around Project Controls.

About Synami

Synami is the company that stands behind the ScheduleReader, ScheduleCleaner and Seavus Project Viewer products, cutting-edge software products are trusted by more than 6 million users and over 4,500 companies, ranging from micro-companies up to some of the leading Fortune 500 enterprises from all the different parts of the world.

With a growing product portfolio of innovative software products, Synami’s mission is to improve project communication and collaboration, by uniting information from all project levels, and making it easily accessible to all project stakeholders.