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PrimaveraReader Brings New Features for Easy Visual Analysis

Following the success of the previous product launches and the increase in customer demand, PrimaveraReader continues to deliver product releases with new features and improvements. The new Version 3.6 includes Trace Logic View, Critical Path, Driving Activities, and additional Gantt chart improvements, such as the Gantt Chart Legend and the option to hide Gantt labels.

Trace Logic View

The Trace Logic view is used for detailed analyses as it visually presents selected segments of the project schedule. This view is combined with the Activity View. When a particular activity is selected in the Activity view, the same activity will be in the focus at the bottom of the Trace Logic view showing predecessor and successor activities, and critical path arrows (red).

Critical Path

The Critical Path feature presents the chain of project schedule activities that determine the project end date. This is important information for the project schedulers in order to monitor the critical path activities and manage the potential issues on time. Thus, any delays with the project reaching the project milestones on time can be easily noticed and appropriate action can be taken accordingly.

Driving Activities

Driving activities functionality allows the users to detect activities of great importance with regard to the deadline of the project plan. With this option, team members can clearly view the activities that drive the project and need more attention and analysis.

Gantt chart Improvements

In this version, the Gantt chart is described by Gantt chart legend which shows the bar styles and colors incorporated in the Gantt chart and their corresponding representation. This improvement is especially beneficial to those that use the Baselines feature to compare several versions of a project schedule.

Users can download a trial version of the software or schedule a live demo presentation at the following link.