More Than Just XER Reader, Meet ScheduleReader PRO

WHAT is it ?

The ScheduleReader PRO version consists of the Standard version with added features for reports generation and linear projects visualization..

WHO is using it ?

Schedulers, Project Controls and other users who need to analyze KPI’s, generate reports and share them with stakeholders.

WHY consider it ?

Create graphical reports with few clicks and share visually understandable data summaries and analysis with project stakeholders.

Bring More Informed Decisions with ScheduleReader PRO

Dynamic Reports & Dashboards

Generate graphical reports, analyze schedule health and logic using the DCMA 14 schedule assessment report, presented as a one page dashboard and communicate project data through rich visuals.
Linear Scheduling View for ScheduleReader Pro

Linear Scheduling View

Get a complete overview of projects created with the linear scheduling method (linear planning) in schedules exported from Primavera P6 through Time-Location, Time Chainage charts and diagrams.

Project Members on Site

Team Members such as engineers, foremans and workers on the field are too many to own a full Primavera® P6® license, as its costly program and requires training to use. They often feel uncomfortable to constantly ask superiors for updates and screenshots of their specific tasks and assignments.


ScheduleReader is a cost-effective solution that can assist the wider project team to view their task and assignments and report activity updates from the field.

Project Managers

Most of the Project Managers do not have Oracle® Primavera® P6® license and therefore receive the schedule and plans in a PDF format. This is a rather old approach that provides a static view, which limits performance and can be a main cause for miss-understandings and delays caused due to bad communication.


By incorporating ScheduleReader™ as a P6® companion tool you will get dynamic and interactive view of schedule data, comparisons, reports and analysis.

Schedulers and Project Planners

Project Schedulers lose too much time on daily basis, creating separate PDF documents for each project team. In addition to their main tasks of creating and keeping the schedule updated, they also must distribute schedule data to all relevant stakeholders in order for the project to progress towards completion.


Schedulers can save time and quickly audit project data, check schedule quality, create reports, receive feedback and activity updates from the field and more.

Project Controls

Project Controls are the key roles that monitor and keep projects on-track, on-time and within budget. Project controllers must stay aware of the project status at all times, monitor and analyze schedule data and optimize all internal factors, procedures and workflows affecting the project outcome.


ScheduleReader™ helps project controllers understand projects, by giving them the means to measure and evaluate project progress and performance.

Feature by Product Overview

ScheduleReader offers practical features that help project professionals in their everyday work. Take a look at our summary of the different key features available in the Standard versus the PRO version.

Key Features



View Project Data

Activity Insights
Supported Views
Trace Logic
Time-location chart

Track Project Progress

Resource Usage Profiles
Financial Periods
Assignments View


Progress Updates
Sharing Reports
Sharing Layouts

Create your Work Environment

Custom Layouts
Custom Filters / Groups
Custom Bars

Reports and Dashboards

Predefined Reports
Custom Reports

Our Clients

ScheduleReader™ is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from small to large scale projects and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations.
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