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P6 Scheduling Software

ScheduleReader for Project Schedulers and Planners

ScheduleReader is the perfect tool that project planners and schedulers can use alongside their Primavera® P6® scheduling software to quickly view and analyze schedule data from XER and XML files.

Schedulers can also save valuable time spent on creating PDF schedule copies, by simply sharing entire schedules with project teams, who can visualize, filter and see the data intended for them using the schedule reader.

  •  Go paperless and save time distributing project data
  •  Get a fast view access into schedules without connecting to database
  •  Receive activity progress updates from field teams in a ready to import Excel file using Progress Update mode
ScheduleReader Tool for P6 Schedulers and Planners

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Complement Your Project Tool Set With ScheduleReader 

Improve your scheduling workflows and project communication by using a modern versatile solution to efficiently view, audit and analyze all types of schedule data.

Visualize Schedule Data

View project data through Gantt Chart or tables by using the native views: Activities, WBS, Resources, Projects (EPS), Linear Scheduling and more.

Audit Global and Project Data

Quickly preview and determine the nature of Calendars and Activity Codes contained within your schedule, before uploading XER and XML files into database.

Import Baselines and Analyze Earned Value

Import up to 4 Baselines and visually analyze activities, identify changes from the previous schedule state or measure project performance.

Check Schedule Quality and Create Reports

Test your schedule quality and logic using a superior DCMA-14 analysis dashboard and create graphical reports to analyze data or export summaries.

Do Side-by-side Comparisons

Open multiple instances of the Reader and visually compare 2 or more schedules to quickly identify any changes in their structure.

Bring Simplicity, Speed and More Clarity to Your Work

filters groups and sorts for quick access to information

Fast Access to Schedule Data

Access project information through XER and XML files without connecting to any databases and open any large projects in less than 3 seconds. 

filters groups and sorts for quick access to information

Interactivity and Dynamic

Use Filters to pinpoint data, organize your view by Grouping and Sorting, apply Histograms and S-Curves or transform data in a Report like format. 

Critical Path Analysis

Customization and Flexibility

Change colors or customize work environment by importing .plf layouts, to get the same view shared across each project team in your organization.

Keep Schedules Up-to-date with Progress Update Mode

Improve team work, collaboration and project communication between field staff and schedulers.

  • Get Updates From the Field
    Teams can use ScheduleReader as an interface to send activity status feedback from the field to the scheduler in a ready to import Excel format, without making any changes to the original schedule.
  • Review Feedback and Update the Schedule
    Schedulers can then review each feedback from the field and choose whether to update the progress in the original schedule by using their scheduling software or reject the proposed updates.

Progress Update - Learn More

Update Project Progress Progress

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