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ScheduleReader introduces version 9.3

We are pleased to announce the latest version of ScheduleReader, 9.3.

The new version comes with several new features and functional upgrades that aim to improve the work with the application and elevate the user experience on a whole new level as a result of the improvements to the user interface flexibility, usability and application performance.

The new features implemented in version 9.3 are as follows:

  • Support for viewing and analyzing project plans created in Oracle Primavera P6 22.12
  • Improved User Interface and easy customizationof the application’s appearance through themes
  • Financial Periods in Assignment view.
  • Financial Periods in Activity Bottom views.
  • Print Legend on Every Page.
  • Time-Scale Customization in Linear Scheduling view.

Support for viewing existing project plans created with Oracle’s Primavera P6 22.12

ScheduleReader version 9.3 comes with support for viewing and analyzing project schedules exported from the latest version of Primavera P6 to date.

By supporting the latest version of Primavera P6, you can ensure view-access to any new features, improved performance, and work continuity for a seamless and optimized experience.

ScheduleReader can open any project plans in the .xer, .xml and .xls file formats in less than 3 seconds.

Improved User Interface

Users can now experience a whole new level of interaction and efficiency with the new interface updates introduced in ScheduleReader version 9.3.

The appearance of the application can now be easily customized by selecting from a range of available themes, allowing you to tailor the color, shape, and overall aesthetic to your preferences.

View the spent resources in each financial period in the Assignments view

The new view feature added to ScheduleReader’s Assignment view will allow you to display the actual financial assets and units spent in the project plan in defined time periods.

This will provide you with a tabular record of all material and time resources that have been spent over a period of time.

View the spent resources in each financial period in the Activity view

In addition to the Assignments view, you will be able to view the financial assets and units spent in the project plan in a defined time periods in the Bottom view of ScheduleReader’s Activity view.

Print Legend

The newly implemented Print legend on every page of the project’s printout will allow users to have the activity types description displayed and quickly identify tasks, task groups, milestones or any other project task field by color and shape.

Customizing the timescale in the Linear Scheduling view

ScheduleReader’s Linear Scheduling view allows users to see linear projects with time-location charts, where the activities are displayed based on a timeline and distance axis.

With the new version, users will be able to ”Zoom in” or “Zoom out” the Linear Scheduling view to see the objects in the chart in more or less details, thus customize the view according to their current needs.

The Benefits

ScheduleReader version 9.3 will provide more flexibility while working and allow you to:

  • View and analyze project plans created in Oracle Primavera P6 22.12.
  • Choose the appropriate application design, which will suit you best for your work.
  • Manage the spent actual financial assets and units in defined time periods through spreadsheet view.
  • Analyze the spent actual financial and unit assets in defined time periods graphically.
  • View the activity types used in the project plan on every page of the project’s printout.
  • Define the best scale to view objects in the Linear Scheduling view.

Ready to Experience the new ScheduleReader 9.3?

A free 15-day FREE Trial version of the latest version of ScheduleReader is available for download through the following link:

Download ScheduleReader

For any questions related to product pricing and how to upgrade to the latest version, you can write us at [email protected]