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Complement your Primavera P6 environment with simple to use companion tools, and cover all aspects of viewing, analyzing, and communicating schedule information.

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From viewing and analyzing project data to reporting and secure sharing and control of data in XER files, our tools simplify the work of project schedulers’ and projects teams.


View & Analyze XER and XML Schedules

(ScheduleReader Standard)

Dynamically view and analyze project information, track projects progress, compare baselines, filter, group and sort data, collaborate with teams through progress updates and more.

View Linear Schedules & Generate Reports

(ScheduleReader PRO)

Display project data using charts and graphs with predefined and custom graphical reports. View Linear Schedules with Time-Location diagrams and easily present any data.

Control Shared Data & Keep Clean P6 Database


Remove, convert or anonymize sensitive data in XER file such are resources costs, units, rates or prices before sharing schedule with third parties or uploading to a P6 database.

ScheduleReader: View and Analyze Data and Create Reports From Existing XER & XML Project Files

ScheduleReader™ is a stand-alone application that allows you to open and view projects exported from Oracle® Primavera P6. 

It can not only replace the old-fashioned way of sending and receiving projects in .pdf format, but also, save valuable time in making sure all project stakeholders are kept up to date with the current project status.

This companion software to Primavera P6 is aimed for the following profiles:

  • Project Controls
  • Planners and Schedulers
  • Project Managers
  • The wider Project Team and stakeholders who need to view schedule data
P6 XER scrubber software, keep a clean P6 database

ScheduleCleaner: Remove and Modify Sensitive Data in XER & XML Files and Keep Clean P6 Database

ScheduleCleaner™ allows schedulers to remove, modify or mask project data in XER and XML schedules and save these changes into new project files. By personalizing the information in the project file according to specific stakeholders’ needs, ScheduleCleaner helps planners to share schedules without fear of revealing sensitive information.

Additionally, the software plays a key role in maintaining a clean P6 database by allowing users to modify project categories such as Global and Project data (Activity Codes, Calendars), and remove POBS and Risks data from files before a importing into the main database.

This software is useful for profiles that send and receive XER files or upload XER's in a P6 database such as:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Schedulers

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For Large & Small Project Oriented Organizations

  • Michael Lepage testimonial about ScheduleReaderScheduleReaderTM is such a simple tool but effective tool, that I recommend it for all Primavera P6 users. The software has saved us countless hours in our marking of assignments because it's so fast and 100% accurate.

    Michael Lepage Primavera P6, Chief Learning officer at Plan Academy
  • Bill Prokopowich about ScheduleReader softwareHaving dozen of projects ranging from $8M to over $200M in cost, we needed a software that we could take to the jobsite, review, update the status, and have the results by the time we return to the office for a meeting with stakeholders. That’s where ScheduleReaderTM out performs all competitors.

    Bill Prokopowich Construction Project Management Consultant
  • User about ScheduleReader software for opening Primavera P6 XER FilesScheduleReader is a really useful companion tool to Primavera P6. It could not only replace the old-fashioned way of sending and receiving projects in .pdf format, but also, save valuable time in making sure all project stakeholders are up to date with the project status.

    Emily FosterTen Six
  • Layton Construction testimonial about ScheduleCleanerScheduleCleaner has improved our productivity in the sense that we’re not constantly fighting the battle to keep our database clean anymore. It’s also allowed us to remove proprietary information from XER files when we are required to provide them to our clients which gives us peace of mind.

    Brandon Howell Director of Scheduling, Layton Construction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can make custom packages. For example, 10 x ScheduleReader Standard + 2 x ScheduleCleaner licenses. Simply write your preference in the message box above and our team will contact you within one business day.
For other price related information, feel free to contact us through the form above.
You can try the tools by downloading the evaluation version package above or signing up for a free 15-day trial of both ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner tools.

Viewing Project Data

Open projects in XER, XML or XLS format and analyze data. 

Group, Filter and Find Data

Besides grouping, filtering and sorting data, you can create custom groups and custom filters.


With Auto Filter, you can filter data in columns based on the cell values.

Manage Layouts

Managing layouts in ScheduleReader can be in the form of: importing, exporting, copying, renaming, resetting and removing a layout.

Import Baselines

Compare up to four different versions (XER or XML) of the project.

Progress Update

Collaboration feature allowing to insert proposal for activities or assignments progress.

Time-Location View (Only in PRO)

Used in projects with repetitive activities such as oil & gas, rails, bridges, tunnels, roads transmission lines construction and similar projects.

Critical Path

A chain of project activities that determine project end date. Used to fulfill project goals and complete project on time.

Predefined Reports (Only in PRO)

DCMA 14 Schedule Analysis and Project Schedule Analysis Report that present the status of particular project parameters. Used to quickly receive the information status that is business critical.

Custom Reports (Only in PRO)

When predefined reports does not satisfy user's needs, custom reports are here to fill the gap.


Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.


Printing option for project plans.

Schedule Cleaner

Clear Progress

Remove the progress parameters from the project plan.

Clear POBS and RISKS

Remove "Performing Organizational Breakdown Structure (POBS)" and Risk information from the project plan.

Clear Pricing

Remove prices for resources and roles from the project plan.

Clear Costs

Remove budget changes, project funding, spending and benefits plan, expenses and assignment costs from the project plan.

Clear Rates

Remove all types of rates for assigned resources from the project plan.

Clear Units

Remove all types of units for assigned resources from the project plan.

Convert Global/EPS to Project Activity Codes

Convert Global & EPS activity codes used in the project plan into Project activity codes to avoid errors when importing XER file into Primavera P6 database.

Convert Global to Project Calendars

Convert global calendars into project and shared resource calendar to avoid error when importing the XER file into Primavera P6 database.

Create Templates

Specify which action or combination of actions will be performed, location of the newly created file will be saved, the suffix that will be added to the newly created file.

Convert EPS to Global Activity Codes

Convert EPS Activity codes that are used in the project plan to Global Activity Codes.

Mask Anonymize Data

Protect sensitive data in the project plan by encoding personally identifiable information from the project.

Change Output File Version Number

Change the output file version in the header.

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