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Supporting Projects Recovery

The unprecedented global health crisis, the massive spread of the coronavirus, has taken a serious toll not only on human lives but also on the world economy and global markets. The onset of COVID-19 caused widespread lockdowns across the majority of countries, causing numerous disruptions to supply chains, manufacturing, and workforce, putting projects on hold, and delaying schedules for an indefinite period.

Currently, most of the countries are in the process of returning to a ‘new normal’, adopting new strategies to battle the pandemic, facing challenges to the economic recovery while being alert of a potential second wave of COVID-19. The path to recovery may not be easy and straightforward since it can be interrupted by the recurrence of the virus which will bring new uncertainties in life in general. But what is important in these turbulent times is to support each other, and give our best to ensure safe recovery to the projects we have.

ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner Support Projects Recovery

Most of the projects slowly move forward into the recovery phase, even though the risk of project disruptions remains an ever-present threat. As compared to Primavera P6, ScheduleReader is a cost-effective tool that requires no integration. ScheduleReader will ease the processes of sharing the project information between teams providing a simple way of tracking progress reports and updates. While ScheduleCleaner will allow you to share sensitive data with confidence.

This global pandemic has changed the world and reshaped the global markets. But it is important to look beyond into bringing forward projects over the months to come. Schedulers and controls should track the latest information as the project progresses. It is important that any schedule updates and delays are clearly communicated among the team and the project stakeholders. Digital transformation and implementing valuable software solutions such as ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner are one way to go.

How Can ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner Help in Turbulent Times

The post-pandemic forecasting is definitely unsure, but it will reflect on the supply chain and workforce demand. Clients and contractors will remain aware of the new risks associated with health, safety, possible local lockdowns, productivity, and supply chain stability. One thing for sure is that project schedulers, controls, and managers should continue to manage, evaluate, and communicate the project data, and its delays to minimize the negative consequences. One way to ensure project recovery is to implement software solutions that are cost-effective and that allow you to analyze, visualize, and communicate scheduling information.

ScheduleReader is a standalone application that dynamically presents project data from XER, XML, and XLS schedules exported from Primavera® P6®. ScheduleReader allows users to filter, organize, and share project information with everyone involved in the project. As a standalone tool, it works with project files without connection to any database, with the power to open massive project plans in just a few seconds.

Some of the benefits of using ScheduleReader include:

  • Comparing project Baselines
  • Calculating Earned Value Analysis to identify cost overruns
  • Identifying and tracking the Critical Path
  • Identifying project delays
  • Clearly communicate schedule information using Graphical Reports
  • Tracking upcoming activities with Lookahead filters
  • Tracking team members’ activity progress status with the Progress Update

On the other hand, ScheduleCleaner is a software that helps users to take control of the project data within XER and XML project files by allowing them to remove, convert and/or anonymize sensitive and confidential data. Additionally, this tool acts as a security filter that helps prepare and optimize the files for database import keeping the database clean and organized.

Some of the benefits of using ScheduleCleaner include:

  • Removing or anonymizing project data such as Units, Costs, POBS tables, Risks, Resource Rates, etc.
  • Keeping sensitive data confidential
  • Converting Global into Project data
  • Preventing database pollution
  • Saving time on manually removing data

To ensure safe project recovery it is crucial to perform different analyses and take proactive actions to keep the project on track. It is also important to identify and track all events that are caucusing a project delay in order to lower the negative consequences on the project. ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner can help bring a safe recovery to your project.

Closing Thoughts

Even though the future is uncertain and no one knows how the path of recovery will be, we need to adapt to the ‘new normal’ which clearly has shown that digitalization and the use of distant communication are some of the top points.