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The Leading XER Project Viewer, ScheduleReader With New Features in Version 8.0

We are pleased to announce another new version of ScheduleReaderTM, the leading standalone viewer for XER and XML and XLS project files.

Created as simple to use alternative for viewing project schedules in static PDF printouts, ScheduleReaderTM has gradually evolved up to the latest version 8.0, which comes with new features and enhanced functionalities designed to improve the user’s experience in visualizing project data from their existing schedules.

The new features that are implemented in ScheduleReaderTM 8.0 include:

  1. Activity Usage Profile view;
  2. Filters & Auto–Filter options in the Assignment view
  3. Progress Update fields: Actual Costs and Actual This Period units

The newly added Activity Usage Profile view will allow users to view costs or unit values for all activities in the project or for a specific one, according to the specified timescale. The Activity Usage Profile view displays:

  1. Labor Resources
  2. Non-Labor Resources
  3. Materials
  4. Expense Costs
  5. Labor and Non-labor Units

The Activity Usage Profile view is designed to help users analyze costs and units associated with a project. It can quickly display actual labor costs incurred for each period of the project presented on a specified timescale, as well as it can help in identifying which activities on the schedule contributed to those actual costs during that specific time period.

Activity Usage Profile in ScheduleReader

Another new feature in this version release is the added Filters and Auto-Filter options in the Assignment view. Now, users can easily filter through, navigate and view the resource allocation across all imported projects by choice with utmost ease.

Two new fields have been also additionally added to the Progress Update feature: the Actual Costs and the Actual This Period Units. This important feature allows for two-way communication between the scheduling team in the office and the rest of the project team on the field. By using the Progress Update mode, on-site team personal can propose or in other words, report back schedule updates through a standardized, fast, and secure channel back to project planners or schedulers who can use that instant feedback to keep the schedule updated at all times.

A list of all the new features and functional improvements is available on the release note page.

To experience ScheduleReaderTM first-hand, download your 15-day FREE Trial version through the following link:

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