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Top 10 Earned Value Management Training Courses

Earned Value Management is a systematic process used to measure project performance in terms of costs and schedule. EVM gives project schedulers, controls, and managers a clear overview of the work performance, and how the project stands with costs to date. Plus, the results of an Earned Value Analysis can help them forecast the project outcome and future performance.

Therefore, the knowledge to implement the Earned Valued Management method is considered to be a valuable set of skills for any project practitioner. Also, EVM methodology is part of the PMP exam, so every future project manager should put their hands on this.

There are numerous learning resources available such as our Earned Value Management formulas and calculations, but in this article, we have curated few training courses that can help you gain more understandings and insights on how to implement Earned Value Management.

Below is a list of courses on EVM, ranked in no particular order/criteria:

1. Earned Value Professional (EVP)

AACE Earned Value Professional

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, aka AACE International, is one of the biggest international associations spread across 100 countries worldwide with over 7,000 members. Serving the total cost management community since 1956, AACE International’s goal is to provide superior technical resources, tools, and expertise to support successful projects and programs.

This association holds the certification program for Earned Value Professional (EVP) for practitioners who want to master the Earned Value application in organizing the project’s scope into a meaningful structure for execution. This program will help you understand the Earned Value Management System and its related accounting components used to record actual project or activity costs.

After completing the course and successfully pass the exam, you will be awarded the EVP credential.

2. APMG Earned Value Management

APMG International is part of the APM Group. AMPG’s goal is to accredit organizations to deliver valuable training programs and consultancy services for a variety of professional certification schemes. One of the major training courses in their enormous portfolio is Earned Value Management that facilitates the integration of project scope, time, cost objectives, as well as the establishment of a baseline plan for measuring project performance.

APMG International has divided its certification program for EVM into two parts: EVM Foundation and EVM Practitioner. The EVM Foundation program is focused on delivering a comprehensive overview of EVM terminology and methods, while with the EVM Practitioner program you will become an effective professional in an EVM environment.

APMG International has accredited many organizations to perform the EVM foundation and practitioner program. Just to name a few:

2.1 APMG Earned Value Management Foundation

PM Excellence presents APMG accredited course on Earned Value Management Foundation. This course unveils the concepts of Earned Value and its process of implementation. Best of all, it will also help you learn how to choose and use the right EV formula.

After completing the program, as well as passing the exam, you will be granted a certificate.

2.2 Earned Value Management

Accreted by APMG International Earned Value, The Knowledge Academy in the UK provides a comprehensive course on Earned Value Management. This course will help you learn the essentials of EVM for the success of a project. Combining the establishment of a Performance Measurement Baseline with the concepts and principles of Earned Value, this course will help you learn how to create an effective project plan, cost collects, and measure performance.

After completing the course, you will gain a certification that is industry-recognized and used in both the public and private sectors.

To find all APMG accredited organizations that conduct EVM courses check this list.

3. EVMP Earned Value Management Professional Certification

Earned Value Management Institute (EVMi) is the global #1 certification in Earned Value Management across every industry and government. This certification program is designed for project professionals and specialists who have strong project controls skills. This comprehensive 5-day program will equip you with all sets of skills and tools to build a scalable EVM system based on 32 guidelines of the EIA-748-D Industry Standards.

After successfully finishing the EVM program and passing the exam, you will be granted the EVMP credential.

4. Fundamentals of Earned Value Management

Project Controls Institute presents an online training course that covers the fundamentals of Earned Value Management tools and techniques. It will teach candidates to break down project structures in order to successfully conduct EV reports which are important in decision making by senior management.

After passing all lessons, the participants will be awarded a certificate.

Project Controls Institute also features more courses from their partners and global training providers, including several accredited EVM related courses.

5. EVMS Online Training

Ten Six Consulting’s EVMS online training is designed for program managers, project managers, control account managers, schedulers, analysts, and executives. Delivered by live instructors, this program will provide all the essential tools and knowledge you need to fully understand earn value methods. Well-organized and delivered in a 2-day class, this course will grant all participants the necessary skills and capabilities to start working within the Earned Value Management System environment and delivering real results.

After successfully finishing the program, you will get a certificate and 15 PDU credit by Ten Six Consulting.

In addition to the mentioned course, Ten Six Consulting provides few more EVM related courses and earned value management training.

6. EVMS Training

Humphreys & Associates (H&A) offers EVMS trainings from basic to advanced EVM techniques. The courses are divided into three categories: online training programs, practical workshops, and customized in-house training programs. Every course will give you insights on project case studies, exercises, and examples.

Every H&A EVMS training course will award you with a certificate and CEUs or PDUs.

7. Project Control Academy’s EVM Courses

Project Control Academy offers two courses on EVM designed for different levels of expertise, and one special course with a focus on EVM implementation in Primavera P6.

7.1 Essentials of Earned Value Management Training

Designed for Project Control Professionals, Project Managers, and Engineering Discipline Leads, this online training program will help you learn all the essentials you need about Earned Value Management. Composed of 15 top quality and professionally developed training modules spread in 6 weeks, this course is a comprehensive program that equips you with the knowledge and skill required to assess the status of your project regarding cost, schedule, and scope. Moreover, it will help you forecast the project costs and schedule outcomes, and it will help you objectively measure the project performance.

As a PMI Registered Education Provider, Project Control Academy will grant you 15 PDUs and an official certificate of completion after the successful completion of the training program.

7.2 Mastering EVM for Project Success

Mastering EVM for Project Success is an advanced course in Earned Value Management that focuses on the applications of EVM. Designed for individuals who already have some knowledge or experience in EVM, this training program will provide you with a working level of EVM by implementing EVM on a sample project case from conception to completion stages step by step. Moreover, it will help you learn the best practices and tips in every step of the project process. During the 6-week program, you will build up comprehensive EVM capabilities applicable in real-life projects.

After successfully completing the program, you will get an official certificate of participation as well as 15 PDUs by Project Control Academy.

8. Earned Value Management (EVM)

Strategy Execution introduces the Earned Value Management (EVM) course with a more objective way to evaluate and control the project, as well as to provide management accurate summary information. This course will show you how to review key project plans to gain an understanding of project costs and performance to effectively deliver any project.

After finishing the program, you will gain a certificate, 15 PDUs, 15 Technical PMP/PgMp, 1.5 CEUs, and 18 CPEs.

9. The Comprehensive Guide to Earned Value Management

Udemy’s Comprehensive Guide to Earned Value Management will help you understand EVM, and it will enable you to implement a complete EVM system into your projects. Moreover, this course not only will help you learn how to calculate the EVA metrics, but it will also help you learn how to interpret those metrics.

A certificate of competition is awarded to participants who have successfully finished the course.

10. Using Earned Value Management for Project Managers

This course offers the basic set of processes and protocols od EVM to help project managers ensure project success. Designed for experienced project managers, this 2-week online course implements fundamental strategies of Earned Value Management System to help them achieve better practical results for executing projects.

BONUS: Earned Value Management Courses for Primavera P6

As a bonus section, we listed a few more learning resources on Earned Value Management, but this time we put a focus on EVM implementation in Oracle’s Primavera P6.

1. Primavera P6 OnDemand Training by Plan Academy

The primary focus of this course is on mastering Primavera P6 to enhance your career in Project Controls. But one of the lessons covers a great deal of Earned Value graphs, reporting, and EV histograms with S-curves which will give you knowledge on how to implement EVM in Primavera P6. Divided into crucial 7 modules, this course will walk you through the life-cycle of a project using Primavera P6.

After successfully completing the program, you will gain a certificate.

2. Earned Value Management (EVM) Implementation in Primavera P6

This course is an in-depth practical 5-week long course that will help you learn the implementation process of the Earned Value Management system inside Primavera P6. Lead by Cesar Ramos, a Project Planner & Earned Value Management SME, this intensive online course is built upon real-world P6 projects and exercises that will give you knowledge and skills to apply when conducting Earned Value Analysis in P6.

After completing the course, you will be granted an official certificate of completion from Project Control Academy and 15 PMI PDUS.

3. DrMcNatty’s Webinar: Earned Value Management in Primavera P6

To finalize our list, we presented an interesting webinar on Earned Value Management in Primavera P6. In less than 40 minutes, Mr. Costantino, one of DrMcNatty Associates, will introduce Earned Value in P6 covering the basics of EV and Reviewing Estimate to Complete calculations. Finally, he will show examples of how to set up Primavera Layouts to manage the EV technique.

Final Thoughts

Building a good Earned Value Management System, as well as implementing a complete EV process will help you successfully deliver any project. It is a valuable set of skills for any project scheduler, project controller, or project manager.

Hope you found our list of courses helpful even though, we only selected a few of the many online courses and training resources available. If we failed to mention other important courses, feel free to share your suggestions with us at [email protected]. We are eager to update the list.