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Top 10 Courses to Learn Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis

Schedule delay analysis is described as the research and analysis of an event, performed with the goal to identify the reason for a project delay. Common in the construction industry, delay analysis is used to identify delays and resolve claims or disputes.

In order to successfully perform such analysis, knowledge of CPM and scheduling, combined with the knowledge of different methods of delay analysis may be required.

While many different methods, practices, standards, and learning resources are available, this article curates 10 courses that can help you gain more knowledge and insights on how to successfully perform a forensic schedule delay analysis.

Below are our top 10 picks.

1. Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis Online Course by Plan Academy

In this online course provided by Plan Academy, you can learn all about the 4 essential forensic techniques for analyzing project delay and the difference between each technical forensic analysis technique.

The course lasts for two weeks, and over this period of time, students get a lot of hands-on experience through homework and assignments in order to master the course material and gain skills to analyze real-world construction schedules.

Students also have an introduction to the construction law and learn the legal concept that applies to the construction claim delays.

The course is aimed at anyone that wants to deepen their understanding of the different techniques for forensic delay and the legal concepts that apply to construction delay claims. It is a perfect fit for experienced Project Controls practitioners with no prior knowledge of how forensic delay analysis is done, beginners, and anyone who needs a refresher on the 4 most common schedule delay analysis techniques.

A certificate of completion is awarded to participants after successful completion of the course.

2. Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis

This course is one of the most complete courses on Schedule Delay Analysis you can find out there. It’s intended for Schedulers/Planners and Project Controls who need to better understand analysis methodologies and techniques, and don’t have formal education on forensic delay analysis.

With the successful completion of this course, you will be able to understand the different forensic analysis methodologies, when and how to apply them, implement supporting analysis techniques, understanding the results from the analysis, as well as learn how to do a forensic analysis implementation.

After successful completion of this training, you will be granted an official certificate of completion and 35 PMI PDUs.

3. Claims Management, Extension of Time (EOT) and Delays Analysis-Online Workshop

This course describes that it differentiates itself from the other courses on the lists with its unique focus to leave room for practical application of the course content, or in other words performing construction claims, in addition to the theoretical knowledge provided.

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Throughout its content, this course challenges the thinking capacity of the students with exercises, quizzes, and weekly assignments.

It’s a well-structured course that finds its place at the top of this list.

4. Forensic Schedule Analysis including Primavera P6

This course is designed for aimed for planning engineers, contract managers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors,s and any professional who wants to develop their career as a Forensic Delay Analyst.

It’s a 6-month course that will improve your knowledge in predicting and analyzing any delay as well as making forensic analysis as effectively as possible.

As this is a postgraduate level course, it features several entry requirements.

5. Construction Delay Analysis

The Udemy’s Construction Delay Analysis course guides you through the world of Delay Analysis with simple and clear examples of various Delay Analysis techniques.

In this course, you will learn how to define and identify project delays, classify delays according to responsibility, identify and solve delay issues, and master different techniques to analyze delays.

6. Certified Construction Delay Analyst – CCDA

The Society of Construction Claims Specialists International offers the CCDA course, which is a starting point for becoming a certified delay analysis expert and be internationally recognized for your knowledge.

The route for certification can be achieved in three steps.

First, you need to check for eligibility requirements and apply for the course.

Next, you need to undergo structured learning management system training, complete the construction claims training module while your progress is monitored.

Last, take the exam composed of practical delay analysis workshops and multiple questions.

CCDA provides three different levels of certification: Associate Certified Construction Delay Analyst, Professional Certified Construction Delay Analyst, and Expert Certified Construction Delay Analyst.

7. Introduction to Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis

Engineer Ireland is the voice of the engineering profession in Ireland, and one of the oldest professional bodies in Ireland. Their course will strengthen your knowledge in schedule forensic delay analysis and how to create a quality CPM program.

The course provides in-depth training on the principles behind Forensic Delay Analysis, teaching you how to make quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the schedule against the DCMA 14-Point Schedule assessment, and discuss issues that impact project delays.

8. Schedule Delay Analysis

Kingsfield Academy course will help you learn the basis for an effective delay analysis with different techniques. You will gather practical experience of time analysis and its role in EOT claims.

From junior schedulers to project professionals of all disciplines, the Kingsfield Academy delay analysis course is another course that can help you towards your goal to become a delay analysis expert.

9. Construction Delay Analysis Methodologies with Primavera P6

If you are a construction lawyer, cost engineer, consultant, or quantity surveyor and want to understand how Primavera P6 is used to prove construction claims, then this course is for you.

The course is well-organized, having 21 intensive modules with practical examples and workshops.

10. Introduction to Delay Analysis & Forensic Planning

The last place in this list is dedicated to a webinar on the PMI website, a resource well worth checking out. In approximately one hour, here you can learn about the delay types and how disputes arise, the difference between the Critical Path and the Longest Path, Forensic techniques, and how to use each of them to arrange a successful extension of time Requests.

All of this with industry-relevant examples.


The knowledge to perform a schedule delay analysis is considered to be a valuable addition to a Project Controls or Scheduling Practitioner skill set.

This article curates a list of some of the best courses on forensic schedule delay analysis out there.

Know of another resource that did not make its place in our list? Feel free to reach out to us and share your suggestion at [email protected].


Ahmed Khaled Ayoub is a Senior Construction Projects Control Engineer with 7 years of experience, especially in Planning/Scheduling. Expert in P6 & MS Project with PRMG Certificate from the American University in Cairo.