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Communicating Linear Schedule with the Project Team.

Presenting Linear Schedule on a Single Page to The Project Team..

Pipeline manager need to find a better way to communicate complex pipeline projects with the project team.

  • Excavation
  • Prepare Sub-base
  • Pipe Install
  • Backfill
  • Compact

Most people that work on the project in each set of activities want to know the big picture, the master-plan and understand the complex relationship between activities.

They care about the deadlines that their stuff must meet. They need a tool that will facilitate information understanding in a much more simple and understandable way.

Linear scheduling method in this scenario helps to visualize a project’s schedule.

It makes it possible to account to both time and space constrains.

Since Primavera P6 don’t support linear view (or Time-Location diagram), the only solution is look for a tool that reflects linear scheduling activities.

Solution – ScheduleReader Linear Scheduling View

The Outcome

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