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Webinar: No More PDFs – A simple guide to optimizing your project management flow


Today’s businesses are still usually storing and sharing data in PDF format. This remains the typical project management information exchange, however, it is undoubtedly not the most effective one.

How often have you encountered a scenario where you were overwhelmed by the volume of printed documents created to cover project data?

Were you also unable to keep track of updated information due to the absence of a single source of truth?

Emails, project screenshots, and shared locations are used to distribute information, which leads to confusion and makes it difficult to make efficient and data-driven decisions.

The good news? There is a way out of it. Multiple tools, on-prem or cloud, can help and support a faster digitalization of your workflow. They also make it easier to communicate project data with everyone involved.

Can it be that simple?

Yes, and we’ll show you how to do it through a Webinar, supported by Synami.

Host and Speakers

The Webinar will be hosted by David Better, an educator specializing in Project Controls with 35+ years of experience in teaching, mentoring, and working on multinational mega projects across multiple industries. He will facilitate the event along with the speakers Robert Ristov (Founder and CEO at XER Management AB) and Trajche Gjorgjioski (Sales Manager at Synami), who will share their practical experience on how to implement digitalization in schedule handling and overcome the most common problems that block the efficient sharing of project information among all project participants.

Who Is This Webinar Intended For?

We recommend this webinar to anyone working in project management, ranging from project managers, planners, executives, C-suite members, coordinators, PMO members, and portfolio managers.

When and Where?

Subscribe and join us on March 18 – from 11:00 to 11:45 am CET. The seats are limited, so make sure you reserve your place on time.

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