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ScheduleReader Webinars

Webinar: Open Primavera Schedule with ScheduleReader

Do you want to learn how you can open primavera schedule and share data with your entire team in a cost-effective way that also improves communication and the team’s operational efficiency?

If you are involved in planning and managing capital projects, turnarounds, maintenance and similar projects the fall under the construction and engineering, oil, gas and energy industries and wider, you are most certainly aware of how important and at the same time, cost heavy can be to get teams equipped with licenses to access the project schedule information.

What if we told you that a cost-effective alternative, that would also allow you to archive greater project control, reduce miss-communication and improve your team’s efficiency existed?

In this webinar, we will introduce you to ScheduleReader, an independently developed reader solution that visualizes the information from existing primavera schedules in the .xer and .xml file format.

Trusted by many of the leading global companies across the construction and engineering, oil and gas, manufacturing, public utilities and other industries, the ScheduleReader software provides project teams and organizations with an interactive and modern way to view, analyze and report schedule data.

Join us for the event and learn more about:

  1. The key features and benefits of the product
  2. How different roles use ScheduleReader
  3. How leading companies use ScheduleReader to improve project communication and efficiency
Webinar Host: Ilhan Bozdeniz, PMP – Senior Primavera & Project Management Consultant

This webinar has ended. You can watch the recording on-demand through the link below.

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The webinar is in English and is open for project professionals working with the Primavera P6 software.

  • Project Manager
  • Schedulers
  • Planners
  • Sub Contractors
  • Project Controls
  • Other end users that need access to project plan information or are currently receiving this schedule data in static PDF format

ilhan bozdeniz

About the Organizer

Ilhan Bozdeniz, PMP – Senior Primavera & Project Management Consultant is an experienced engineer who has been working for over 20 years and specialized in project management and planning with “Oracle Primavera” products. He has officially trained and provided consulting services over 560 companies on-site and more than 8000 individual professional engineers worldwide, as a Primavera Certified Trainer and Consultant.

He currently works at Akim Engineering, a renowned team of project professionals that specialize in providing project management and planning services with Primavera as an Oracle® Gold Partner, with headquarters in Turkey. At the same time, Akim Engineering is a partner and official product reseller of the ScheduleReader software solution.

Get a brief preview into the webinar

How to open Primavera schedule with ScheduleReader?

If you are used to viewing information in Primavera P6, the user interface in ScheduleReader would be very familiar to you, as the views and layouts are very similar. However, a couple of major differences can be immediately noticed, such as the fact that:

Opening primavera XER schedules with ScheduleReader is simply much faster.

With ScheduleReader you can open a primavera schedule in less than 3 seconds, due to the fact that this software solution does not connect to a database and visualizes the data from existing files. This makes it very convenient for performing quick auditing of the schedule data and a pleasure to use multiple times during the day.

But this is only a small part of its many unique features that allow you to dynamically interact with your schedule data.

With ScheduleReader you can:

  • Analyze schedule’s quality using a DCMA14 schedule assessment report,
  • Visualize linear schedules with time-location charts,
  • Create different sorts of project reports,
  • Communicate progress updates from the field to the scheduler,
  • Compare baselines,
  • Analyze critical path, trace through predecessor and successor activities and much more.

Join us for this webinar where we will be demonstrating how the leading companies use the cost-effective ScheduleReader solution to improve their operational project efficiency, communication which contributes to finishing their projects on time and on budget.

Watch Recording