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ScheduleReader Webinars

Webinar: Primavera 3rd Party Tools

Would you like to discover and learn more about new software tools that you can use alongside your Primavera P6 to enhance and improve your business process and workflows?

Then this event is right for you!

We are happy to announce our free, live ScheduleReader & ScheduleCleaner online demo webinar, organized in collaboration with our partner Critical Business Analysis, Inc – CBA, Inc.

Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 10 – 11 AM EST

This event is the first webinar of the series of events titled: “Primavera 3rd Party Tools”  organized by CBA, Inc., and dedicated to showcasing the latest tools and technology that have the potential to improve the Primavera project environment.

On the first event of the series, we will take a closer look at the ScheduleReader and the ScheduleCleaner software tools, two innovative products that help project teams improve the communication and collaboration in the Primavera P6 environment.


  • Introductions
  • ScheduleReader Software Presentation
  • ScheduleCleaner Software Presentation
  • Q&A Session.

Join our hosts and presenters Pat Serafino (CBA), Marc Bobby (CBA), and Zoran Trajkovski (Synami) at this free webinar and learn how these two innovative tools can help you improve your project communication.

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schedulereader software to view primavera xer files

About Schedule Reader

ScheduleReader is a software that provides view-only access to XML, XER and XLS schedules exported from Primavera P6.

Without a costly P6 License, this standalone tool helps the broader project team to dynamically view and interact with project schedule data.

While at its core ScheduleReader provides powerful view capabilities that will replace the use of the PDFs throughout the company, it is also a much more versatile solution that schedulers, project controls and other users can use it to review and report on P6 data.

ScheduleReader features a unique DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment report that is generated with the click of a button to help PMs assess the quality of a schedule, as well as functionality to generate other pre-built and custom reports from the existing schedule data.

Additionally, a unique Linear Scheduling view with time-location chart is available to support the view and analysis of linear projects, as well as functionality for comparing Baselines, analyzing EV parameters and gathering activity progress updates and feedback from the field.

cleaner for xer files

About ScheduleCleaner

The ScheduleCleaner software allows schedulers and other users to anonymize, convert or remove any sensitive data within XML and XER files, prior to sharing the file with other stakeholder.

With ScheduleCleaner, schedulers can also keep the P6 database clean and free of pollution from external files by converting any Global to Project data, such as Calendars or Activity codes, or removing unnecessary data such as POBS, Risks and other.

Additionally, this desktop application allows users to create templates with different modifying settings, and apply them to one or multiple schedules, thereby saving time, automating the process and allowing users to optimize multiple XER or XML files in an instant.

About CBA, Inc

Critical Business Analysis, Inc. Is a company dedicated to the advancement of the project and the program management expertise with decades of practical experience providing a wide-range of professional project management related services across various industry verticals.

CBA, Inc. Is a trusted leader in the implementation of project management tools as well as an official product reseller for the ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner tools in the USA.

Join us at this free webinar and learn more about ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner and how they can benefit your projects.