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Webinar: View, Analyze & Review P6 Schedules Without P6

Note: The webinar “View, Analyze & Review P6 Schedules Without P6” has ended. Watch the recording on the link below.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at the Free Webinar hosted by our partners Plan Academy and Michael Lepagetop Primavera P6 Expert and Educator.

Primavera P6 is a no low-priced software!  As powerful as this tool is, it is also costly. And if the price represents a key factor while considering purchasing a copy of the P6 scheduling and project management software, on this webinar Michael will teach you how you can still view, analyze & review P6 schedules & XER files, without one.

ScheduleReader is a standalone software solution that makes these tasks fast and easy to do without the Primavera P6 software. Don’t miss this webinar!

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

  •  How to use ScheduleReader to view P6 xer files with ease
  •  Techniques for reviewing & analyzing P6 schedules using ScheduleReader’s many features
  •  Few things you CAN’T do in P6, that you can in ScheduleReader.

michael lepage primavera p6

About Michael Lepage, PMP

Michael is the Chief Learning Office and founder of Plan Academy Online Training. He’s been a project controls trainer & consultant for the last 14 years and has taught 1000s of students to get started and to get the most from Primavera P6.

Watch the recording

At the Plan Academy website you can also find a number of courses, including a special course on how to use the ScheduleReader software from start to finish, in order to view, report, review P6 schedules in the XER and XML formats and more. If you liked what you saw during the webinar demonstration of ScheduleReader, do checkout this course and download your 15-day free trial of ScheduleReader to get started using the application.

The course covers 2.5+ hours or 26+ video lesson with you instructor Michael Lepage, covering all aspects of the ScheduleReader standard and Pro version, perfect for all P6 and Non-P6 users alike.