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Welcome to ScheduleReader’s Partnership Program!

Photo of two men shaking hands, with a caption "Join our ScheduleReader Partnership Program"

We are happy to announce the official launch of ScheduleReader’s Partnership Program. This is a unique opportunity for companies to become part of our fast-growing reseller network and enjoy the many perks available.

Our Partnership Network is an integral part of our everyday operations. Through their dedication and support for ScheduleReader, we have been able to help their customers and make ScheduleReader available around all continents.  

What Are You Gaining

Each of the members of our Partnership Program has a wide array of benefits available to them. If you decide to sign up now, you will have:

  • Fast and effortless approval process

Complete the form, and our team will contact you within a few days. The entire process of becoming a partner takes no more than five working days. You will receive guidance throughout all the steps in the process by ScheduleReader’s team. Of course, our team will be constantly available if you have any questions or need additional clarification and information about the Partnership Program or the product itself;

  • Full team support during the entire introduction process

We will make sure you have constant guidance about our product, whenever you need it. You will also receive comprehensive materials about ScheduleReader from us, along with information and guidance on how they can be presented to your clients in order to get the best optimal results.

  • Marketing and Promotion Opportunities

As part of our ever-growing network of partner companies, you will be part of our promotion and marketing efforts. You can be featured on our website and social media pages along with all our reseller partners. We also offer the opportunity of organizing webinars together or have joint participation and support at relevant conferences and trade shows. Our team can provide readily available marketing materials, or collaborate with you on new ideas and initiatives to show how ScheduleReader can help your partners and clients.

  • Special Bonus Packages for Yearly Quotes

Last, but not least, we are offering additional bonuses for reaching, and surpassing our yearly sales quotes. You will find more info from our team during the introduction process.

About ScheduleReader

ScheduleReader is a standalone software solution that dynamically presents project data, designed to open, view, analyze, and print project data exported from Primavera P6 in XER or XML file format.

With its dynamic view, you can use different layouts to group and sort data, customize tables’ columns, and use filters and auto-filters to find all the information you need.

Find out more about ScheduleReader’s two versions: ScheduleReader and ScheduleReader PRO.

Throughout the years, ScheduleReader has gotten a proven record of being a trusted solution for businesses in various industries. Find out more about ScheduleReader being an indispensable team member for one of our clients here.  

If you are considering becoming a valuable link to our Partnership Network, sign up in our Form, and our team members will reach out to you and answer all your questions within several days.