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ScheduleReader: Meet our Partners

Meet our Partners and Product Resellers – Aram Group

Synami’s reseller network spans the globe, playing a crucial role in promoting our products and highlighting their features and applications. Notably, ScheduleReader has experienced considerable growth in recent years, with its reseller network expanding rapidly. Through this series of articles, we aim to spotlight the resellers who have contributed to the growth of ScheduleReader. We collaborate closely with each of our partners on many different levels to deliver value to our customers and make our product more easily available in different regions around the world.

In these series of articles, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the companies whose commitment has contributed to the growth of ScheduleReader, and who we are fortunate and proud to call our partners.

Meet our partner – Aram Group

In this interview we are joined by Darius Shahbazi, Senior Consultant and Manager at Aram Group, a renowned company who is a providing knowledge for projects in different sectors such as land, road – marine engineering, shipbuilding, offshore, energy and the oil & gas industry.

Darius, can you introduce yourself and tell us more about the Aram Group?

Thank you so much for inviting us. I’d be happy to introduce myself. My name is Darius Shahbazi, and I am a Senior Consultant and Manager at Aram Group. I am happily married and a proud dad of two great kids. I am passionate about soccer and enjoy exploring the world with my family and friends.

At Aram Group, we specialize in project controls and provide comprehensive services through consulting, training, and software solutions, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our journey began almost 25 years ago, and since then, we have successfully executed numerous projects across various industries, including land and road engineering, marine engineering, shipbuilding, offshore, energy, and oil & gas.

Our team consists of a numerous of highly skilled consultants, and we have trained many students through our dedicated Aram Academy. We take pride in our loyal partners and the exceptional projects we have completed together. Our goal is to enhance project performance and efficiency, helping organizations achieve their project objectives.

Aram Group’s core competencies include:

  • Project Control and Management: We offer expertise in planning, scheduling, risk management, and integrated project controls. Our solutions are designed to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and ensure project success.
  • Consulting and Training: We provide tailored consulting services and training programs to help organizations build their project management capabilities. Our training programs cover various aspects of project controls, project & portfolio management, from basic principles to advanced techniques.
  • Software Solutions: We develop and implement software solutions that support project & portfolio management insights. Our tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, enhancing functionality and user experience. We implement Oracle Primavera Solutions such as Oracle Primavera P6 PPM, P6 EPPM and more recently Oracle Primavera Cloud. For integrations we have developed our own solutions such as Flint and Pexcellent. For time-distance solutions, we offer Turbo-Chart or Tilos by Trimble. Both the ScheduleReader as well as the ScheduleCleaner complement the main software solutions offered by Aram.
  • Sector Expertise: Our projects span multiple sectors, including infrastructure, marine, energy, and construction. We have successfully delivered projects for major clients, including the large scale energy projects, Dutch rail infrastructure up to chemical plants and luxury yacht constructions. That’s what we love to do!

We are very committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions and exceptional service to our clients. We focus on understanding the unique challenges faced by each client and working closely with them to develop effective and sustainable solutions.

What were the reasons or criteria that you considered when you decided to become an official partner and reseller of the ScheduleReader software?

Thanks for asking! When we at Aram Group decided to team up with the ScheduleReader team as an official partner and reseller, we had several solid reasons behind our choice. The main one was how perfectly the software fits our business needs and how much value it brings to our clients. Here’s why we went with it:

First off, ScheduleReader is super easy to use and flexible. Both our clients and our team find its interface intuitive, especially since it’s similar to P6. This makes it easy for everyone to get the hang of it quickly, no matter their tech skills.

It also ramps up our project management capabilities big time. Nowadays, projects are more complex than ever, with tons of moving parts! ScheduleReader gives our clients a bird’s-eye view of their projects and lets them integrate all the smaller pieces seamlessly. This helps project managers keep everything clear and make better decisions.

Communication and transparency get a boost too. ScheduleReader lets you dive deep into schedules, analyzing resources, UDFs, and activity codes with ease. This clarity prevents conflicts, flags issues early, and keeps everyone in the loop.

And the team behind ScheduleReader, is top-notch. They’ve been there every step of the way, from setup to ongoing tech help. Their support is crucial for keeping things running smoothly and tackling any hiccups that come our way.

Partnering with the ScheduleReader team was an excellent decision for us. It’s easy to use, has powerful project management tools and comes with exceptional support. Add in its alignment with industry trends, and it’s the perfect addition to what we offer our clients.

Speaking from your experience in the sale and implementation of ScheduleReader, can you provide us with a brief overview of how the software helps improve project’s performance?

From our experience in selling and implementing ScheduleReader, the software has proven to be instrumental in enhancing project performance through several key mechanisms.

ScheduleReader boosts stakeholder engagement by providing clear insights into project schedules. This transparency helps in detecting issues early, resolving conflicts promptly, and ensuring smooth project execution. Additionally, ScheduleReader simplifies project management by making it easier to analyze and understand project schedules. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features are particularly valuable in large-scale projects where coordination is crucial. This allows project managers to optimize resources, track progress effectively, and stay aligned with project objectives. Another great benefit is the improved communication and collaboration among team members. By enabling detailed examination of schedules and facilitating clear project updates, ScheduleReader promotes a collaborative environment. This enhances teamwork, enables quicker decision-making, and supports better project outcomes.

Overall, ScheduleReader stands out to us as a versatile tool that improves project visibility, stakeholder engagement, and project management efficiency. Its intuitive design and powerful features make it an invaluable asset for organizations aiming to elevate their project management capabilities and achieve greater project success.

What roles, or who uses ScheduleReader?

ScheduleReader is integral to the workflows of various professionals within project management teams. Primarily, project managers heavily rely on ScheduleReader to gain comprehensive insights into project schedules and timelines. This tool empowers them to oversee project progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to keep projects on track and within budget.

Project engineers also find ScheduleReader of great use in their daily tasks. They utilize it to analyze complex project schedules, ensuring that engineering tasks are coordinated effectively and aligned with project milestones. By visualizing dependencies and resource allocations, project engineers can optimize workflows and mitigate risks, which contributes significantly to smoother project execution.

Additionally, project support staff, including schedulers and coordinators, leverage ScheduleReader to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among team members. They utilize its features to update schedules, monitor task assignments, and disseminate project updates throughout the organization. This ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and aligned, promoting efficient project coordination and timely delivery of project milestones.

How do you approach training customers on the use of ScheduleReader? What resources or materials do you provide to support their learning and adoption?

When it comes to helping our customers learn ScheduleReader, we’ve got a well-rounded approach to make sure they get the hang of it smoothly. While the software itself is pretty intuitive with its user-friendly interface, we know the importance of providing solid support and resources to make adoption easy.

First off, we offer personalized online introductions. These sessions are all about showing customers exactly how to use ScheduleReader based on their projects and specific needs. We walk them through navigating schedules, analyzing data, and generating reports, all to help them feel confident using ScheduleReader right from the start.

On top of these personalized sessions, we also point our customers to the ScheduleReader website. There, they’ll find loads of helpful stuff like tutorials, video demos, and step-by-step guides. It’s all designed to help them dive deeper into ScheduleReader’s features, learn advanced techniques, and troubleshoot any issues they might run into.

And our support doesn’t stop after the first training session. We’re always there to answer questions, provide technical help, and share best practices. Whether it’s through direct communication or community forums, we want to create an environment where customers can get the most out of ScheduleReader and learn from each other.

So, whether you’re just getting started or looking to level up your skills, we’re here to support you every step of the way with ScheduleReader. Our approach is all about making learning easy and practical, so you can focus on managing your projects effectively and achieving success.

How is ScheduleReader aligned with current trends in project management?

Well, it excels with its user-friendly interface, simplifying complex scheduling tasks and reflecting the trend towards intuitive and accessible project management tools.

ScheduleReader also promotes transparency and collaboration by providing clear visibility into project schedules and resource allocations. This supports the increasing demand for improved communication and shared understanding among project teams and stakeholders.

ScheduleReader also integrates seamlessly with other project management systems, facilitating smooth data exchange and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. This capability addresses the trend towards integrated software ecosystems that support cohesive project management processes.

So ScheduleReader does not only meets but also anticipates the evolving requirements of modern project management practices, making it a valuable tool for enhancing project efficiency, collaboration, and strategic alignment in today’s competitive landscape.

What features of ScheduleReader do you find most valuable?

One of the standout features of ScheduleReader that I find incredibly valuable is its robust capability to analyze individual activities within project schedules, including their attributes and relationships. This feature allows users to delve deep into the details of each activity, understanding dependencies, resource allocations, and critical path analysis, which is often challenging to achieve when dealing with schedules in a PDF format.

This analytical power not only enhances the clarity and precision of project scheduling but also supports informed decision-making and proactive management. By visualizing schedule data directly within ScheduleReader, users can identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and anticipate potential risks more effectively. This ability to conduct detailed activity analysis contributes significantly to streamlining project workflows, improving project efficiency, and ultimately, achieving project success.

Three years ago, we hosted a free webinar introducing ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner software to broaden awareness among project professionals. ScheduleCleaner, developed by Synami, aids schedulers in managing sensitive information in XER and XML project plans. Over the past three years, we’ve consistently released new versions with exciting features and upgrades for both products. In 2024, project professionals can seize another unique opportunity to explore ScheduleReader and ScheduleCleaner in our upcoming webinar.

Could you share more details about this event?

Absolutely, I’d be more than happy to! Alongside Synami, we’re gearing up to host another webinar soon, specifically tailored for the Dutch and Belgian markets. I’ll personally be hosting this session, providing a tutorial on the software and sharing tips and tricks! If you’re interested in joining, please check out Aram’s LinkedIn page for more details. Love to see you there!


Aram Group is an official product reseller of the ScheduleReader and the Synami software products in the Benelux region. You can learn more about the products and their availability by contacting the Aram team.

ScheduleReaderTM is compatible with and can be used with Oracle® Primavera® P6®. It is an independently developed reader product by Synami® and it is not a product of Oracle®, nor is it endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with or by Oracle®. Oracle®, Primavera® and P6® are registered trademarks and brands of Oracle® Corporation and/or its affiliates.