Track Project Progress and Analyze Cost and Schedule Performance

ScheduleReader for Project Controls

ScheduleReader helps project controllers understand projects and bring decisions to positively influence time and cost outcomes, by offering the means to view, analyze and efficientlly communicate schedule data.

Benefits of Earned Value Analysis:

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Stay Aware of the Project Status - Cost and Schedule

In order to exercise project control, it is first necessary to become aware of the project state, its elements and relations. This is where ScheduleReader comes in.

Interactive Schedule Overview

Get a complete overview of different project elements on Gantt Chart or table through the native views for Activities, WBS, Resources, Projects (EPS), Expenses and more.ibus leo.

Earned Value Analysis

Identify costs and schedule deviations and get a clear understanding of the project performance in terms of scope, budget and time, to date.

Baseline Comparison

Visually compare activities on the Gantt Chart by importing up to 4 Baselines to analyze project status and identify changes from the previous schedule state.

S-Curves, Histograms and Stacked Histograms

Analyze the resource allocation in the project plan through S-Curves, Histograms and Stack Histograms.

Analyze and Present Key Project Data with Reports

The Pro version ScheduleReader allows the creation of dynamic graphical reports, that clearly visualize key project elements and can assist with analysis and decision making.

Dynamic Graphical Reports and Dashboards

Present and analyze key project elements such as Project, WBS or Units Costs or Duration, check Activity Status, or test schedule’s quality with DCMA 14 points reports and dashboards that help decision making.

  • Keep stakeholders informed of project status
  • Analyze and compare project data
  • Support your project decisions

Why Choose ScheduleReaderTM Over PDF Files

Baseline Comparison for ScheduleReader Standard

Quickly Access and Analyze Schedule Data

Work with XER, XML files without connecting to database and open any large project fles in an instant. Quickly access any information through Filters, create your custom layouts and organize data with Sorts & Groups, by one or multiple criteria.
Critical Path Analysis for ScheduleReader Standard

Detect Delays and Cost Overruns Early On

Keep the project on schedule and avoid scope creep by tracking the critical path and driving activities to key Milestones. Monitor budget spend, measure performance through earned value analysis or graphical reports which you can share with stakeholders.

Schedule Data at Your Fingertips

By using ScheduleReader, project control professionals can view, analyze and efficiently communicate project data with different project stakeholders.

Navigate to Project Success

Analyze project progress, performance and different elements of the schedule which will allow you to take timely actions and ensure projects are done on time and within budget.

Improve Communication and Workflows

As an alternative to viewing project information in PDF, ScheduleReader will improve coordination between teams and help all project participants stay informed of the project plan, progress and their tasks.

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