Measure Project Performance Through Earned Value Analysis

Earned Value Analysis in ScheduleReader

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a method used to measure the project performance by analyzing specific schedule and cost KPI’s and variances as the project progresses towards completion.

The EVA method compares the planned work with the actual finished work, at a specific point of time.

EV analysis helps project managers and project controls to determine the current project status in terms of costs, schedule and scope and take further actions to keep the project within the planned budget and time-frame.

Benefits of Earned Value Analysis:

ScheduleReader uses the project’s Baselines as a foundation for performing Earned Value calculations, which are based on the P6 default settings and available in the Activity View.

Analyze Schedule and Cost KPIs

Create your layouts with specific EV work, cost and time parameters, or import your layouts exported from P6, which you can use to quickly analyze project performance to date. Layouts can be further shared with other team members to align working with the same view of data.

Cost Variance

Tracking the Cost Variance by comparing the project’s completed costs vs the planned costs helps you deliver the project on budget.

Labour Units

Track the schedule’s progress and costs, through Labour Units parameters. Compare Actuals, Planned and Earned Value, and get Estimates.

Performance Index

Track project progress through Schedule and Cost Performance Indexes (SPI, CPI) and see how close the project is to completion.

Present Earned Value Data with Graphical Reports

By using ScheduleReader PRO, you can analyze different EV parameters and present summaries through custom made graphical reports.

Learn more about ScheduleReader PRO

The PRO version of ScheduleReader features predefined and custom made graphical reports and dashboard that are used to analyze and present key information and summaries of different project elements.

Tool for Efficient Project Management

Detect Problems Early On

With ScheduleReader’s earned value analysis you can early identify cost and schedule deviations, such as cost overruns and time delays and take actions on time.
Linear Scheduling View for ScheduleReader Pro

Adhere to the Planned Schedule

EV analysis helps you avoid scope creep and keep a clear focus on milestones and business objectives to ensure on time completion of projects.

Manage Future Scenarios

EV metrics can also help you forecast future project performance, manage risks and calculate what will it take to finish the project in terms of cost and time.

Engaged Teams, Efficient Projects

Earned Value Management Analysis provides the data that helps project controls and managers pro-actively manage the project progress.

Evaluate Project Status to Date

Measure the project progress and assess its current state through in-depth analysis based on a baselined plan.

Identify Potential Problems

Analyze budget spend, actual work done, and estimate the future schedule and cost requirements.

Steer Projects to Successful Completion

Take timely preventive or corrective actions to successfully deliver the project on time and within budget.

How to Perform Earned Value Analysis

Download ScheduleReader and follow these three simple steps to get started with analysis and improve the project cost and schedule performance.

Step 1

Open ScheduleReaderTM and import your XER or XML project along with its Baselines.

Step 2

Add the required Columns from the Earned Value list in the Activity, Project or WBS View.

Step 3

Start analyzing different calculated EV parameters, metrics and variances to bring project to completion.

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