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Measure Project Performance Through Earned Value Analysis

Earned Value Analysis in ScheduleReader

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a method used to measure the project performance by analyzing specific schedule and cost KPI’s and variances as the project progresses towards completion.

The EVA method compares the planned work with the actual finished work, at a specific point of time.

EV analysis helps project managers and project controls to determine the current project status in terms of costs, schedule and scope and take further actions to keep the project within the planned budget and time-frame.

Benefits of Earned Value Analysis:

  • Get answer as to where you are in the project to date
  • Forecast future performance, costs and completion dates
  • Maintain control and deliver project on time and on budget

Analyze Schedule and Cost KPIs

Present Earned Value Data with Graphical Reports

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How to Perform Earned Value Analysis

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