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Earned Value Analysis Now Available in ScheduleReader

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest, ScheduleReaderTM version 7.5.

Our cutting-edge XER project viewer, created as an alternative to viewing project schedules in the static PDF file format and sheets of printed paper, is now upgraded to version 7.5, which comes with new features and functional enhancements, that allow you to better visualize project data from XER, XML and XLS schedules.

Earned Value Analysis, now available in ScheduleReader 7.5.

As a major new feature in version 7.5, we introduce the Earned Value Analysis, which will enable project managers and controls to measure project performance and progress.

Earned value analysis in ScheduleReader

Cost Variance

Labor Units

Performance Index

Calculating Earned Value allows project schedulers and project controls to monitor the project scope, actual and budgeted costs, and project performance in order to make adjustments to the project strategy and perform an in-depth analysis of the project budget overhead.

ScheduleReader version 7.5 comes with more new features and functionalities:

  1. Stacked Histogram;
  2. Present Project scheduling settings;
  3. Filter, Group, Sort by Project Codes in the Activity View
  4. Print Trace-Logic diagram, Stacked Histogram, and Resource Usage Profile view;
  5. Export details from DCMA 14 report to Excel.

And that’s not all…

Furthermore, the dynamic Graphical Reports available in the Pro version have been enriched with new reports, sorted into appropriate categories: WBS, Project, and Activity.

With the help of these reports, users will be able to view activities duration, units, and costs on activity, WBS, and project level.

And last, the Groups and Sorts in the WBS view, as well as the Filters, Auto Filter, Groups, and Sorts in the Project view are also among the latest new additions coming with version 7.5.

To experience the latest features and functionalities of SchedulerReader we recommend downloading the 15-Day Free Trial version.

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