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DCMA 14 Point Assessment Report

ScheduleReader DCMA 14 Point Assestment Software

Improve decision making, schedule quality and exchange of information with the dynamic Graphical DCMA 14 Point Assesment Reports from Primavera® P6® XER files in ScheduleReaderTM.

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What is the DCMA 14 Point Assessment?

The DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment is a project management framework for schedule quality control, which can be considered as schedule quality template for all projects in company’s portfolio and its check-points can be established as practice before starting the project’s execution.

The DCMA 14 Points

These are the 14 control criteria that are important for starting a well-scheduled project plan:

  • Logic
  • Leads
  • Lags
  • Relationship Types
  • Hard Constraint
  • High Float/Slack
  • Negative Float/Slack
  • High Duration
  • Invalid Forecast Dates
  • Invalid Actual Dates
  • Resources
  • Missed Tasks
  • Critical Path Tasks
  • CPLI
  • Baseline Execution Index
DCMA 14 Point Assessment Report in ScheduleReader

The DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment set of criteria was formed in 2005 and firstly it was used by the US Department of Defense. Since then it had become a guideline for schedule review which has been implemented in many project management software widely used in the aerospace and defense industry.

The 14 metrics are not set as necessary rules or standards but more as measurable criteria that is advisable to be analyzed regularly during the planning, monitoring and controlling of the project schedule. Particularly, they are intended to indicate potential problems in the project schedule and, in the end, to ensure that the projects is managed towards success.

DCMA 14 Point Assessment - A One Page Dashboard in ScheduleReader PRO

The DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment report in ScheduleReader shows a brief overview of 14 project categories that determines the project's finish date. With it you can see how project activities are scheduled, which activities are missing resources or analyze the Critical Path Length Index. 

The DCMA14 Schedule Report allows you to easily and quickly review the integrity of the schedule when time constraints or other priorities do not allow for a detailed review. With only one click of a button, the DCMA 14 point assessment will show you if it is worthwhile reviewing a schedule in further detail, help you identify weak points and create appropriate corrective plans.

DCMA 14 Point Assessment report

DCMA14 Points Customization

With ScheduleReader you can go a step further and change the criteria for all predefined fourteen metrics to align to specific project scenarios and unique situations. 

Users can also see which project metrics are positive as well as the details of the activities and relationships that do not meet the set criteria in the specific report.

DCMA 14 Point Schedule Assessment report customization

Create Better Schedules and Bring More Informed Decisions With the DCMA 14 Schedule Assessment Reports

Accepting the DCMA 14 Schedule Assessment Dashboard as a working tool will improve your scheduling process and information exchange. Among the benefits that your company gains are:



Scheduling information is presented in a way that is understandable by all project participants and PMO can help bringing business decisions in reasonable time, based on the presented information;

Time Saving

Time Saving

DCMA 14 Schedule Assessment graphical reports is created with one click of the button. In addition, user can print the report for management meeting or create more complicated reports and then exported it to the other project participants.

Less effort with DCMA 14 Assesstment Report

Less Effort

Usually creation of one reports require specific role in organization and can be time consuming. Changing the report’s components can be done quickly, by anyone and every report can be customized with less effort.

What Our Clients Say:

  • Michael Lepage testimonial about ScheduleReaderScheduleReaderTM is such a simple tool but effective tool, that I recommend it for all P6 users. The tool has saved us countless hours in our marking of assignments because it's so fast.

    Michael Lepage Plan Academy
  • Bill Prokopowich about ScheduleReader softwareHaving dozen of projects ranging from $8M to over $200M in cost, we needed a software that we could take to the jobsite, review, update the status, and have the results by the time we return to the office for a meeting with stakeholders.

    Bill Prokopowich Construction Project Management Consultant
  • User about ScheduleReader software for opening Primavera P6 XER FilesScheduleReader is very user-friendly. I recommend it if you need a project viewer that allows users to open and view project data exported from Oracle Primavera P6.

    User in Civil EngineeringG2 Crowd

Go Beyond DCMA 14 Point Schedule Checks! Explore the Rich Features of ScheduleReaderTM

ScheduleReader dynamically presents project data from XER, XML and XLS schedules, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders. Some of the major features are as follows:

Supported Views

In ScheduleReaderTM, project participants such as managers, schedulers, team members, contractors and other stakeholders can have complete visibility of project progress by using the native views for:

  •  Activities
  •  WBS / OBS
  •  Resource & Roles
  •  Assignments
  •  Linear Scheduling
  •  Details
Schedule Primavera P6 XER Reader Supported views
trace logic in Schedule Reader


You can increase your productivity by organizing your work environment with our XER reader for P6 schedules. Create custom layouts, filters, groups, and bars.

  •  Custom Layouts
  •  Custom Filters/Groups
  •  Custom Bars

Collaboration and Project Update

The Progress Update feature allows team members on the field to propose Activity and Assignment status feedback back to the Scheduler.

  •  Progress Update
  •  Sharing Reports
  •  Share Layouts
Progress Update with Schedule Reader
Generate graphical reports in ScheduleReader

Graphical Reports

Analyze project KPI's, schedule health and improve communication with custom reports and dashboards.

  •  Built-in Graphical Reports (DCMA 14, Activity, Relationship, Constrains Metric Reports).
  •  Schedule Analysis (Activity Steps, Status, WBS Counts).
  •  Print Reports & Import/Export.

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