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Webinar Recording: Enhance your decision-making process with PrimaveraReader PRO

A recording of the live webinar covering the new features of PrimaveraReader 5.0 and the Reports and Dashboards features of the new PRO version.

How To Video Tutorials

How to view information for Activities in ScheduleReader

Learn how to view information for activities in ScheduleReaderâ„¢.

How to format Gantt chart bars and labels in ScheduleReader

Changing the layout of the Gantt Chart bars and labels allows you to have personalized view of the schedules.

How to filter your project data in ScheduleReader

Learn how to use the filters and auto filters in ScheduleReader™ to easily access the project data you need.

How to work with columns in ScheduleReader

Learn how to add, remove and customize the columns in ScheduleReaderTM.

How to work with layouts in ScheduleReader

Learn how to work, modify and apply custom layouts to your XER project schedule files.

How to work with predecessor and successor activities in ScheduleReader

Learn how to easily navigate between successors and predecessors activities in your schedules.

How to create and modify User-defined Filters in ScheduleReader

By working with filters you can quickly access any information and focus on displaying only the most necessary project data in your views.

How to create Custom Layouts in ScheduleReader

Learn how to create and apply custom layouts to your schedule files.

How to customize the project's timescale in ScheduleReader

See how to adjust the timescale view in your schedules to quickly access the information you need.

How to create Groups and Filters in ScheduleReader

Learn how to to create groups and custom filters for your project data in ScheduleReader™.


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