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How to insert a Baseline in ScheduleReaderTM

baseline is a snapshot or a copy of the schedule in a static form. This allows you to compare several project schedule states to see how certain updates affected the latest state of the project schedule.

In order to compare different Project baselines, in ScheduleReader, we enable you to import up to 4 different baselines.

See the image below.

For importing baselines using the .xer file, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the XER file;
  2. In the File menu, click on the Baseline sub-menu;
  3. The baselines are inserted in ScheduleReader using the Import button;
  4. Navigate to the location where the XER file that represents the baseline is placed.
  5. Click on the Open button in the dialog.

Importing Baselines from XML file

The procedure for adding baselines from the  XML file is a little bit different compared with the previous one because the baselines are saved in the XML file, together with the project plan.

  1. Open the .xml file, where the baselines are saved;
  2. In the File menu, click on the Baseline sub-menu;
  3. To assign a Baseline to the project plan, click on the drop-down symbol, and select the appropriate baseline.

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