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How to Print in ScheduleReader?

In the Options tab you can find the following settings for time periods, print view and scaling:

Timescale start From start date.
Timescale finish To end date.
Table view Print only the visible columns in the active table view.
All table All columns in the active table.
Gantt chart view Print only the Gantt chart.
Adjust Magnify or reduce a print by an exact percentage.
Fit to Small pages up and large pages down to fit the paper.

In the Margins tab, define the empty space to be left from top, down, left, and right in inches.

Under the Header tab, you have the following options:

  • Number of sections – you can choose how many sections or columns, the Header area will be divided in;
  • Height – the height of the Header row
  • Type of data – Text, Image, or Field

Supported Field data types:

Current Date Page Number
Current Date Time Project Finish
Current Month Project ID
Current Week Project Name
Date/Date Project Start
File Name  

Print Preview

Print Settings

How to print project schedules in ScheduleReader

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