Analyse schedule data, create reports, better visualize and present summaries of project data.


WHAT is it ?

Consists of ScheduleReader™ Standard with added features for Reports generation and linear projects visualization.

WHO is using it ?

Project Schedulers, Project Controls and others who need to analyse project KPI's, generate reports and share them with stakeholders.

WHY consider it ?

Create graphical reports with few simple clicks and share visually understandable and well formatted data with teams and stakeholders.

Analyse Project KPI's and Improve Communication

Predefined Graphical Reports

Create and share graphical reports using project data using our report templates with only few clicks.

Custom Reports

Customize your reports and display the data and project KPI's you need.


Share reports with all project stakeholders.

Bring informed decisions and manage project more efficiently with ScheduleReader PRO.

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Product Versions Features Overview

Key Features ScheduleReaderTM Standard ScheduleReaderTM PRO
View Project Data
View Project Data
Activity Insights
Supported Views
Trace Logic
Time-location chart  
Track Project Progress
Schedule Reader Views
Resource Usage Profiles
Financial Periods
Assignments View
Schedule Reader Layouts
Progress Updates
Sharing Reports
Sharing Layouts
Create your Work Environment
ScheduleReader Views
Custom Layouts
Custom Filters / Groups
Custom Bars
Reports and Dashboards
Schedule Reader Views
Predefined Reports  
Custom Reports  

Our Clients

ScheduleReader is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from small to large scale projects and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations.

Highways England
Maersk Oil
Transport for NSW
Sydney Trains
Sandia National Laboratories

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