Report Back Activity Status & Progress Parameters From the Field

The Progress Update Feature

The Progress Update functionality enables project participants to insert updates for on-going Activities contained within the schedule. These update proposals take the form of data values for progress project parameters in the Activities and Assignments Views.

The update proposals, are inserted through ScheduleReader and saved in the form of a .xls/.xlsx file created while in collaboration mode and saved on the same location where the .xer file is located. This enables the scheduler to quickly gather the centralized feedback from all field project members from a single point of access.

Progress Update Feature

The Scheduler reviews the new reported status of activities within the .xls or .xlsx file and chooses whether to import the new values and update the original schedule or rejects the proposals.

  •  Secure two-way communication between scheduler and onsite teams
  •  Real-time feedback on project & activities status reported from site
  •  Centralize all team feadback in a single point of access

Secure Communication Channel

scheduler creates p6 schedule

Project Scheduler

Prepares the schedule using Oracle® Primavera P6 and distributes it to the project team


Teams members on site view the project plan and insert update proposals, which are saved in a separate .xls file.

scheduler updates p6 schedule

Project Scheduler

Reviews and imports the .xls file in Oracle® Primavera P6 where he Approves/Rejects the proposed changes 

Keep Project Schedule Updated at All Times

View linear schedules

Propose Feedback from Field

View project schedules while working on site and report back the status of your assigned activities to project schedulers, planners and managers.

Save time on linear construction projects

Save Time

Efficient communication through secure channel, that centralizes feedback from all teams saves time spent on acquiring status updates through other means.

Get Fast access to linear construction schedule data

Enable Two-way Collaboration

Allow your entire team a clear insights of the current project status, their activities and keep them engaged with the project from start to completion.

Team Members Working on Site

With ScheduleReader project participants can view the project plan, and preview their assigned activities in a Gantt chart and tabular view while working on site. Through the progress update functionality they can insert proposal for updates in the following two views: ‘Activities’ and ‘Assignments’

The following project parameters can be updated:

  • % Complete, 
  • Actual Start, 
  • Actual Finish, 
  • Activity Status, 
  • Activity codes.

The update proposals are saved within an separate Excel (.xls) file next to the location of the original schedule, whether this is a shared location or a personal folder. This allows the feedback from multiple employees to be centralized in a single point of access, which eases the scheduler job to learn the status of the different activities in progress.

This feature is perfect for field work as it gives project teams the opportunity to propose activity updates without interfering with the original project schedule file.

Note: With the Progress Update feature, team members on the field can also insert proposals for to add new Activities in progress or inform the scheduler which activities are canceled and should be deleted from the plan. They can also view their updates directly in the Gantt Chart and see how their updates will impact the milestones in the project plan.

Team Member

Project Scheduler

Schedulers Update The Project Plan

After receiving the proposed activity updates, it is the project scheduler or planner's duty to review them and perform the updates in the scheduling software.

The Excel file containing the activity update proposals from all employees can be saved on a shared location, from where the scheduler can easily access at his own convenience.

The scheduler can then imports the .xls file with the updates into Primavera P6, where he performs a review and chooses to approve or reject the proposals.

At the end, the scheduler shares the up-to date original project plan with the project teams and stakeholders and this process resets.

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Improve The Project Execution Stage


Quality status report procedures and coordinated communication between project teams are key factors to consider during the execution stage of any project.

As common practice, the project manager is at the center of project data flow: he/she receives the updates from the team members, ensures the project milestones will be completed as planned and then creates different types of reports for the upper management.

Following the concept for simplicity, functionality and without violating any already established procedures, ScheduleReader™ will smoothly incorporate into any company workflow and boost the project efficiency and team's productivity.

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How to Use the Progress Update Feature

Step 1

Open ScheduleReaderTM and import your XER / XML or XLS project schedule file.

Step 2

Navigate to the Progress Update View and enter into Collaboration mode.

Step 3

Review your assigned activities and insert update proposals to be sent to the scheduler.

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